Dive logo Black Rock in Tubbataha



Depth:    15m - 25m / 49' - 82'

Skill Level:    Advanced Open Water

Description:    Wall / Slope / Plateau

Black Rock

Located at the northeast corner of Tubbataha’s South Atoll, the Black Rock plateau slopes gently from 15 to 25 m in depth. Whitetip sharks can often be seen sleeping on the seabed or cruising in search of prey with a bluefin trevally in tandem. This dive is also known for sightings of 2 titan triggerfish which can often be found at the start of the dive. 

There is so much to explore at this dive site that we will often spend the whole day diving here. Schools of surgeon fish, rainbow runners and sweetlips are a common sight. White tip and nurse sharks are found resting under huge table corals and scribbled filefish, box fish and leaf fish add to the colour and spectacle of the stunning reefs; a great site for spotting spiny lobster too!

Marine Life @ Black Rock

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