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Puerto Galera Billiard Charity
Expats for Education

The next venue is on the 14th of February in the Beer Garden at 1 PM.

Pictures of the event at Toots (13-11-17) 15 pictures

The current situation, at the 10th of February 17.400 pesos.
Soon to come: our first donation. Ideas welcome!


Expats for education is a local non-profit assembly of friends who want to do something for the community of Puerto Galera whom we love so much. The official charter can be found here.

At the core of the collection of donations is a billiard game. Every player donates 100 pesos. Non-players can donate too.

Venues and dates

This will be added as time comes along. As a general rule, the date is agreed upon as the second Monday of the month.

The first venue and the official introduction of these events will be:


As we go along, the donations of bars/restaurants and individuals will be posted here in all detail (except for the phone number of donors) and of course, the schools that receive the donated goods.

We agreed that no money will be donated to any school. We will provide the goods that are agreed upon with the director of the school. Pictures will be posted as well. The date and time of the event will be published here in advance.

Names and locations of the venues collecting donations

This will be published here. Soon to come.

Names and locations of the schools

The schools will be published here. Also soon to come.

Thanks to everybody who wants to participate in our expat project for the children of Puerto Galera. Let’s help our community and have fun! Thanks for you support!

The Puerto Galera expat community

Income sheet of June the 12th June 2017