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Puerto Galera Billiard Charity
Expats for Education

What do we want to achieve?

We come together once a month for playing billiards. Every player donates 100 pesos (or more). That Money is donated to schools to help their children. Everybody can donate, even if you don’t want to play billiards.

You can leave your name on this sheet, you phone number and the amount you donate. A favorite school is optional.

Who receives the donations?

All the state schools in the Puerto Galera area. If you have children and they go to a pubic school, please add the name and barangay of the school.

All school names are put into a jar. An innocent hand chooses monthly the next school which will receive the donation.

How and what do we donate?

We donate the needs directly. These goods have to be educational needs. It is up to the director of the school to decide what is most needed. When all schools are served, we start the cycle again.

Schools are elected by the wish of the donor participants.

What about the game and venues?

These are flexible and depends on the amount of interest. Anybody can participate. The number of venues involved depends on the number of players.

The rules of the game are agreed upon the day itself. More information on this page. You can make 2 teams and use this day schedule (pdf) as a guideline.

When and where?

The second Monday of every month. This can change in case of a special day (a national or religious holiday for example). You can find the details on this page.

Contacts and responsibilities

John (0917/829 9772)
Bookkeeper and website
Dimitri (0919/206 4825)
Schedule and venues
Richard (0915/772 9954)

Thanks to everybody who wants to participate in our expat project for the children of Puerto Galera. Let’s help our community and have fun! Thanks for you support!

The jar with the names of the schools are held and selected in Victoria’s bed and breakfast, White Beach.