Albums and pictures

Any registered account can create photo albums. You can create public or private albums. Both can be shared. A private album has a unique key that ‘opens’ the album. You can simply share the link with your friends and family and can be seen by none registered visitors too.

An example of a photo album is the Daily sunset. All albums come with a slide show or choice of any picture. Soon it will be possible to add comments to pictures and albums. This is not available yet.

How to make an album?

Click on you name and then albums, as seen here:

Followed by album2
You will see an editable version of your albums. album3

From that moment on, your album is created, but there are no pictures yet. A generic title is created for you, in this case ‘Album of puertoparrot’ which is the username of the logged in person.

Adding pictures is easy. Click on ‘Upload pictures’ and a popup will show. You may add multiple pictures at once. When selected, thumbnail versions will be shown. Finally click ‘Start upload’ and wait until the process is done.

Finally, start uploading your pictures:
album5 album6 album7

Close the popup. There are 3 options for your album. The private option will make your album only available to those who have the key to your album.

You may also add a description and change the title to something more meaningful like ‘My birthday party’. When all is done, update the album and you will see the album as visitors would see it.


You can update, delete or bookmark this album. People can like or share you album on Facebook, if they have a Facebook account.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and Enjoy,
The PuertoParrot team