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Mabuhay and Welcome to the Puerto Parrot

Puerto means port and every port has a pier or muelle. The Philippines has a lot of ports and piers. Tourism is big business in the Philippines. It is in everybody’s interest that as many as possible visit your communities. A place unknown to them if they were never in, let’s say... Puerto Galera.

So how does a visitor find out which services are provided? We created the Puerto Parrot to help visitors learn more about the communities they are about to visit!

Just imagine that there is a parrot sitting on every pier in the Philippines. A parrot is a talking bird. Every time visitors arrives in your community, he starts talking and explains where to find hotels, restaurants, rooms for rent, doctors, businesses etc.

The Puerto Parrot is a community service. We help people to find what they need and help the community to be more successful. It’s a win-win situation!

…..and it’s free!

What is for free?

  • You can present your business on our pages with text, pictures and videos.
  • Classifieds (with picture).
  • City services (all services the public needs: hospitals, doctors, dentists, schools, gasoline stations, ATM’s etc.) are already listed for Puerto Galera. Adding more city services is easy and can be done by anyone.
  • Additionally, we post articles that are related to the Philippines. You can add your own articles with text, pictures and videos. We hope that in the near future our articles will become a useful archive about many aspects of the Philippines.
  • An events calendar is available where anybody can post private, business or city events.

And there is lot more to come. A beach guide, dive sites and hiking pads!

But if its for free. How does the Puerto Parrot make money?

We make money in two ways:

Most of the hotels and resorts on the website have direct links to Agoda and Booking.com. This is commission based.

You can become a sponsor by buying “Parrot Ads”. These ads are time based (1, 3 or 6 months) and rotate to the visitors on the site.

The uniqueness of a “Parrot Ad” is, when someone clicks the ad, your business presentations displays.

If you have a “Parrot Ad”, visitors will find your business presentation more easily than others who will be found only with the “search businesses” option.

A sponsor essentially buys space on every loaded webpage where your business is presented and makes it easier to find. You may put a picture there or text ads. It is your space. It can be connected to any valid link on the web, including of course, your own website.

If you don’t have a website, we will make a page for you on the Puerto Parrot website.

We offer 5 different sizes and 7 prices. Parrot Ads are cheap, starting at 100 pesos up to 2000 pesos a month, and fit into every business’s budget. What you get is a higher exposure level for people interested in visiting Puerto Galera and for those who already live here.

As an extra offer, we can take pictures of your business with a professional camera that could be used in your business presentation.

Why 5 sizes but 7 prices?

Our goal is to provide a complete business directory and give “smaller” businesses the opportunity to be represented in the form of online advertising.

The Parrot Ad for “bigger” businesses comes with a picture slide show, the option to post videos, upcoming events and Google Maps.

The Parrot Ad for “smaller” businesses comes with only 1 picture and no video or events, and it comes with Google Maps.

Only the two smallest Parrot Ad sizes are available for “smaller” businesses. They are 50% cheaper than ads for “bigger” businesses. The downside is that “small” ads have a lower rotation frequency (about 50%), hence the price difference.

If you want to participate, the first month is free. After that you can continue our service by opting for paid advertising. Your business presentation stays on the website, whether you are sponsoring or not.

And we have BIR.

Sounds good, right?

What do we do with the money?

The “Puerto Parrot” is a work in progress. We will use the money for upcoming projects enhancements inside the Parrot (like guides to beaches, dive sites, hiking paths and more), and also for online expenses to host the website itself.

Our goal is to deliver high quality information in a unique way. And that costs not only time but also money…

The “Puerto Parrot” is a “feel good” page. Some of our income will be used for donations and the sponsoring of local projects and events in education, health and culture (music, art, sports, etc.)

As you can see, the “Puerto Parrot” is a win-win situation for everyone. And that’s exactly what we want it to be!

Ah…and last but not least, we, Guido and Dimitri (the Parrot Team) have worked since 2016 on this project. We started from scratch. It was and is a learning process. We have had expenses along the way, and to date, we have worked without a salary. Of course, we would be very happy if our work is appreciated and goes viral.

Salamat and Thank you!