Copyright and Privacy

Copyright laws of the Philippines

What is copyright?

Copyright is a collection of all rights enjoyed by the owner of an artistic or literary work.

What are considered copyrightable works in the Philippines?

Under Philippine law, original intellectual creations in the literary and artistic domain are copyrightable. These include books, pamphlets, articles and other writings; periodicals and newspapers; lectures, sermons, addresses, dissertations prepared for oral delivery; letters; dramatic or dramatico-musical compositions; choreographic works or entertainment in dumb shows; musical compositions; drawing, painting, architecture, sculpture, engraving, lithography; models or designs for works of art; original ornamental designs or models for articles of manufacture; illustrations, maps, plans, sketches, charts and three-dimensional works relative to geography, topography, architecture or science; drawings or plastic works of a scientific or technical character; photographic works including works produced by a process analogous to photography; lantern slides; audiovisual works and cinematographic works and works produced by a process analogous to cinematography or any process for making audio-visual recordings; pictorial illustrations and advertisements and computer programs.

Derivative works are also protected as new works, provided that it does not affect the existing copyright on original works. Derivative works may include: dramatizations, translations, adaptations, abridgements, arrangements, and other alterations of literary music work; collections of literary, scholarly or artistic works, and compilations of data and other materials which are original by reason of the selection or coordination or arrangement of their contents.

What works are not protected by copyright under Philippine law?

Copyright protection does not cover:

  1. Idea, procedure, system method or operation, concept, principle, discovery or mere data as such, even if they are expressed, explained, illustrated or embodied in a work;
  2. News of the day and other miscellaneous facts having the character of mere items of press information;
  3. Official text of a legislative, administrative or legal nature, as well as any official translation thereof;
  4. Work of the Philippine Government, unless there was a prior approval by the appropriate government agency; and
  5. Statutes, rules and regulations, and speeches, lectures, sermons, addresses, and dissertations, pronounced, read or rendered in courts of justice, before administrative agencies, in deliberative assemblies and in meetings of public character.

Source: FEDERIS Philippines

What this website collects and what it shares

Information and pictures

What we collect we share. The only exceptions are your personal email address, private photo albums and private events. You can share a private album, but the visitors need a key to open a private album. That key is in the URL of your private photo album. You simply share the URL.

In time this website will become a social network site. You will have the option not to participate. The standard option will be “I do not want to be a part of the social network site”. In other words: whatever happens, your information stays private.

PUERTOPARROT COMMUNITY SERVICES is a registered company located in the Philippines.

If you believe any information, picture, link, comment, article, classified ad, (city) event , city service or listed business is inappropriate, misleading, has errors or is not complete, please contact us. We will look into your request and handle the issue as such.

Email address

You have to login with your email address. This information is never shared anywhere on the website, unless you explicitly enter it as a detailed information in your user account or business account.

You may receive emails from this website. The ways you can be contacted by us to your personal email address are:

  • A visitor wants to contact you personally, this can only happen if you have a registered business or if you shared your profile ID with somebody else.
  • You have created a classified ad and somebody has a question for you
  • You have created an article where people can comment on, you will be notified if a new comment is posted
  • You own city services and somebody has found an error in it, or wants to add more information.
  • You are notified by an upcoming event, either personal or from a business you have bookmarked.
  • An administrator wants to contact you personally

In general, two types of visitors can contact you. Registered users and guests. If a registered user contact you, this person's email will not be visible. If a guest contacts you, the email of this guest will be provided to you. All emails are from, a mailbox that is never checked. All emails about this website have to be send to

Never, ever, will any visitor, registered or not, become your email. If a guest wants to contact you, you will have to reply to this guest by his or her personal email. This email will be provided in the generated post this website will send to you. Doing this will, of course, reveal your email address. This will be clearly stated in the email you receive from this website.

Your personal profile

Any registered user has a personal profile. This is public. There is no list where profiles can be found. Only if you post an article, an event, a classified ad, a city service or a comment, your profile link is visible. Whatever you post in your profile will be visible as well. Exceptions are your email, private albums and your real name (see next). You may upload an avatar picture. In the long description, you can upload more pictures.

Your real name

In the settings of the profile, you can enter your real name. In the dashboard > settings you may chose to hide your real name for visitors. In this case, your real name is only used when sending an email to your personal inbox. This option is set to not showing your real name when you create a new account. In other words: you have to explicitly change this option for other visitors to see your real name.


Anybody can create his or her business for free on this website. There is no limit on how many businesses you can create. Any business is listed publicly. People who want to contact your business, guests and registered users alike, will actually contact the owner of the business. As always, your personal email is not provided to the visitor.

Photo albums

You can create photo albums. There is no limit how many albums you can create and how many pictures you upload in each one of them. Public photo albums will have links in your profile page. Private photo albums are only visible to you and those who have the key to access them. Photo albums are not and will never be listed as a site wide overview page. If you find that a photo album needs special attention, please contact us and we will see what we can do for you. Sunsets is an example of a site wide promoted photo album.

City events

As a subscribed user, you may create city events. A city event is visible to anybody who choses that city. The administrators may delete a city event if they believe that the event is more private than public. For example: a festival is a public city event, a birthday party is not. City events and business events are not the same. Except, if your business organizes an event that is really public. For example, a basketball tournament or a street/beach festival. In this case, create 2 events. One for your business and one for the city.

Agreed that some city events can be ambiguous. For example a funeral. If the person was a public figure (a politician, writer, actor, singer, ...) that is indeed a city 'event' for it is written in the news papers.

We, the administrators and editors of this website, will keep city events as clean as possible. We are very flexible. If somebody wants to use a city event to promote a business, this event will be deleted. Advertise with us to promote your business.

Personal events

Personal events are only visible to you. Nobody else will be able to see it. The only purpose is that an email will be send to you the day before the event is taking place. You can use this service as a reminder.

Business events

Business events are only visible to registered users who have bookmarked your business and on your business page on this website. This special feature is free and a great way to promote your business by informing your customers about future events. If your event is really public (a festival for example), you may consider creating a city event as well.

And please consider to advertise with us to promote your business.

Classified ads

This is the only part of the website where visitors can post items. As a visitor, you will need to provide a phone number or an email address. As a registered user, you can be contacted in-site, not revealing any of your personal contact information. As a registered user, an email will be send to your personal inbox to remind you that somebody wants to contact you.

You can reply on the site without ever revealing your personal email address. Except if this person is a visitor. Then it is up to you to reply on your own email account or don't reply at all.


A cookie is a small piece of digital information. By visiting this website, 3 cookies are upload to your computer. All cookies are encrypted and send over a secure network.

  • Booklet: this is a session cookie created by the PHP framework, a very common practice.
  • city_id: this cookie is encrypted and holds the ID of the city of your choice. By choosing or changing your location (in the business index or events for example), this cookie will change. The cookie is valid for one month and will be automatically deleted by your browser after this period of time.
  • XSRF-TOKEN: stands for “cross-site request forgery” and makes it impossible to post information to this website without actually visiting the page and entering the requested form. This is a security measure to ensure all data posted to this website is legit. It also ensures for all visitors that no hack attacks can happen. This cookie is short lived.


If you have any issue or question, please don’t hesitate to contact us!