Ambahan: Courtship

Ambahan: Courtship

Many pages of sweet-flowing romances have been written about courtship, but the Mangyans create their own by using the examples of the budding and flowering plants and trees around them.

Handwritten version of ambahan 38

The bamboo in MarigitThat I saw at first approachWas just sprouting and still small.When I saw it yesterday,It was standing firm and thickReady now to build a floor.

Kawayan sa MarigitPag tanaw ko, palapitLabong pa siyang kay liitNang daanan ko pabalikSiksikan mga tinikMainam nang pang-sahig!

Handwritten version of ambahan 39

The palm bordering my fieldBack when it was very smallMy attention did not call.But now that it's fully-grownand has shed its dried-up leaves,I will harvest it so freshand weave me a basket fair.That I can bring everywhere.

Buli sa may kainginNoong s'ya pa'y musmusinHindi ko pinapansinNang gumulang, pagsapitTanggi ko ang lumainSariwa kong kukuninBayong kong lalalainLagi kong sasakbitin!

A boy has his way of convincing a girl of his good intentions and intimate love. He is willing to sacrifice anything for his beloved.

Handwritten version of ambahan 68

My sweetheart, my love so dear,when I left, in coming here,coming from my house and yard;all the rice that I have stored,I have left it there behind,because I hope here to findone more valued than my rice!One to be my partner niceto the water, to the field,a companion on my trips,and one who will share my sleep!

O liyag, aking hirangKanina nang lumisanGaling sa 'king dingdinganPalay na inanihanAkin lang iniwananHinangad kong katuwangDi basta palay lamangSa lakad sa ilog manMaging sa kaparanganKaakbay ko saan manKaabay sa higaan!

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