List of Lakes of the Philippines

List of lakes of the Philippines

The origin of most of the lakes in the Philippines is closely related to volcanic and tectonic activity. A number of smaller lakes occupy the craters of extinct volcanoes. Some lake basins are developed by subsidence due to tectonic or volcanic activity. Others owe their existence to obstruction of drainage courses by landslides, lava flows and by fragmental volcanic ejecta.

Several lakes in the country are of volcanic origin like Lake Danao in Leyteprovince.

Among the lakes which are known in the Philippines only three, namely, Laguna de Bay in Luzon, Taal Lake in Luzon, and Lake Lanao in Mindanao, stand out prominently because of their size or economic importance.


The following is a partial alphabetical listing of permanent lakes (excluding flood plains) in the Philippines.

Alligatorcrater lake23 ha(57 acres)2 m(6 ft 7 in)LagunaIV-A14°10′57″N121°12′23″E
Ambuklaoreservoir383 ha(950 acres)761 m(2,497 ft)BenguetCAR16°28′25″N120°44′50″E
Apocrater lake24 ha(59 acres)640 m(2,100 ft)BukidnonX7°52′45″N125°0′21″E
Baao177 ha(440 acres)5 m(16 ft)Camarines SurV13°27′56″N123°18′53″E
Bababutectonic lake5 ha(12 acres)45 m(148 ft)Dinagat IslandsXIII10°4′28″N125°30′33″E
Balananlandslide lake25 ha(62 acres)237 m(778 ft)Negros OrientalXVIII9°8′16″N122°59′55″E
Balinsasayaocrater lake76 ha(190 acres)874 m(2,867 ft)[4]Negros OrientalXVIII9°21′11″N123°10′45″E
Basaktectonic lake15 ha(37 acres)589 m(1,932 ft)Lanao del SurARMM8°2′7″N124°15′32″E
Bato2,810 ha(6,900 acres)10 m(33 ft)Camarines SurV13°19′57″N123°21′36″E
Bitocrater lake140 ha(350 acres)2 m(6 ft 7 in)LeyteVIII10°47′19″N124°58′49″E
Buhilandslide1,707 ha(4,220 acres)120 m(390 ft)Camarines SurV13°27′29″N123°30′38″E
Buluantectonic lake6,134 ha(15,160 acres)9 m(30 ft)Maguindanao &Sultan KudaratARMM &XII6°38′42″N124°49′38″E
Bulusan28 ha(69 acres)360 m(1,180 ft)SorsogonV12°45′16″N124°5′37″E
Bunotcrater lake31 ha(77 acres)153 m(502 ft)LagunaIV-A14°4′53″N121°20′38″E
Butigtectonic lake25 ha(62 acres)762 m(2,500 ft)Lanao del SurARMM7°44′2″N124°17′27″E
Cabaliancrater lake15 ha(37 acres)733 m(2,405 ft)LeyteVIII10°16′47″N125°12′56″E
Calibatocrater lake42 ha(100 acres)184 m(604 ft)LagunaIV-A14°6′12″N121°22′41″E
Calirayareservoir1,050 ha(2,600 acres)300 m(980 ft)LagunaIV-A14°17′34″N121°31′3″E
Caluangantectonic lake182 ha(450 acres)1 m(3 ft 3 in)Oriental MindoroIV-B13°22′11″N121°8′11″E
Camannauan3 ha(7.4 acres)13 m(43 ft)CagayanII18°13′29″N121°46′49″E
Candelaria48 ha(120 acres)2 m(6 ft 7 in)ZambalesIII15°36′38″N119°56′34″E
Capahayancrater lake22 ha(54 acres)51 m(167 ft)Surigao del NorteXIII9°32′25″N125°34′47″E
Catoltectonic lake19 ha(47 acres)7 m(23 ft)ZambalesIII15°37′17″N119°56′26″E
Dagianancrater lake3 ha(7.4 acres)1,231 m(4,039 ft)Lanao del NorteX7°52′54″N124°1′36″E
Dakulatectonic lake12 ha(30 acres)10 m(33 ft)SuluARMM5°41′55″N120°49′13″E
Danaocrater lake18 ha(44 acres)304 m(997 ft)AlbayV13°21′33″N123°34′24″E
Danaotectonic lake680 ha(1,700 acres)5 m(16 ft)CebuVII10°40′25″N124°20′19″E
Danaotectonic lake148 ha(370 acres)650 m(2,130 ft)LeyteVIII11°4′23″N124°41′33″E
Danaocrater lake28 ha(69 acres)898 m(2,946 ft)Negros OrientalXVIII9°21′2″N123°11′0″E
Danaocrater lake4 ha(9.9 acres)450 m(1,480 ft)SorsogonV13°4′25″N123°58′42″E
Dapaotectonic lake1,012 ha(2,500 acres)960 m(3,150 ft)Lanao del SurARMM7°47′12″N124°2′36″E
Dasay40 ha(99 acres)230 m(750 ft)Zamboanga del SurIX7°39′43″N123°15′11″E
Duminagatcrater lake9 ha(22 acres)1,577 m(5,174 ft)Misamis OccidentalX8°18′25″N123°36′57″E
Ernestinecrater lake35 ha(86 acres)3 m(9.8 ft)Tawi-TawiARMM6°58′25″N118°29′46″E
Gunaocrater lake23 ha(57 acres)117 m(384 ft)QuezonIV-A14°0′4″N121°22′17″E
Himbangtectonic lake26 ha(64 acres)14 m(46 ft)Agusan del SurXIII8°28′4″N125°46′12″E
Kabalin-ancrater lake2 ha(4.9 acres)824 m(2,703 ft)Negros OrientalXVIII9°21′55″N123°10′46″E
Kalanganantectonic lake12 ha(30 acres)512 m(1,680 ft)Lanao del NorteX8°4′59″N124°15′16″E
La Mesareservoir463 ha(1,140 acres)80 m(260 ft)None (located within Quezon City)NCR14°43′1″N121°4′46″E
Laguna de Baytectonic lake93,000 ha(230,000 acres)2 m(6 ft 7 in)Cavite,Laguna,Rizal &QuezonIV-A&NCR14°20′N121°17′E
Lanaotectonic lake34,000 ha(84,000 acres)700 m(2,300 ft)Lanao del SurARMM7°51′N124°15′E
Lanaotectonic lake2 ha(4.9 acres)5 m(16 ft)BoholVII9°52′47″N123°45′51″E
Leonardcrater lake70 ha(170 acres)800 m(2,600 ft)Davao del NorteXI7°23′37″N126°3′32″E
Libuaocrater lake24 ha(59 acres)800 m(2,600 ft)Occidental MindoroIV-B7°23′37″N126°3′32″E
Looctectonic lake113 ha(280 acres)34 m(112 ft)ZambalesIII14°54′3″N120°9′56″E
Lumaotectonic lake1,680 ha(4,200 acres)17 m(56 ft)Agusan del SurXIII8°26′39″N125°46′23″E
Lumotreservoir582 ha(1,440 acres)300 m(980 ft)LagunaIV-A14°15′16″N121°32′59″E
Mabilogcrater lake2 ha(4.9 acres)1,605 m(5,266 ft)Negros OrientalVII9°15′4″N123°10′30″E
Magatreservoir1,122 ha(2,770 acres)192 m(630 ft)Ifugao &IsabelaCAR &II16°49′30″N121°25′33″E
Mahokdumcrater lake22 ha(54 acres)190 m(620 ft)Surigao del NorteXIII9°34′7″N125°32′23″E
Mainittectonic lake17,340 ha(42,800 acres)42 m(138 ft)Surigao del Norte &Agusan del NorteXIII9°27′31″N125°31′10″E
Malimangatectonic lake12 ha(30 acres)7 m(23 ft)ZambalesIII15°38′41″N119°56′8.5″E
Manamlaytectonic lake11 ha(27 acres)21 m(69 ft)Occidental MindoroIV-B12°59′7″N120°51′23″E
Manguaotectonic lake741 ha(1,830 acres)21 m(69 ft)PalawanIV-B10°45′46″N119°33′1″E
Mapanuepelahar-dammed648 ha(1,600 acres)129 m(423 ft)ZambalesIII14°58′55″N120°17′40″E
Maughancrater lake317 ha(780 acres)1,338 m(4,390 ft)South CotabatoXII6°6′5″N124°53′20″E
Muhikapcrater lake15 ha(37 acres)80 m(260 ft)LagunaIV-A14°7′20″N121°20′3″E
Nag-aso Boilingthermal lake3 ha(7.4 acres)35 m(115 ft)AlbayV13°7′27.8″N123°54′28.10″E
Nailigcrater lake11 ha(27 acres)1,599 m(5,246 ft)Negros OrientalXVIII9°14′52″N123°10′23″E
Nalapantectonic lake3 ha(7.4 acres)515 m(1,690 ft)Davao del SurXI5°46′47″N125°28′49″E
Napalittectonic lake36 ha(89 acres)1,041 m(3,415 ft)BukidnonX7°52′5″N124°47′3″E
Naujantectonic lake8,125 ha(20,080 acres)20 m(66 ft)Oriental MindoroIV-B13°10′25″N121°21′12″E
Nunungan153 ha(380 acres)830 m(2,720 ft)Lanao del NorteX7°49′21″N123°57′19″E
Palakpakincrater lake43 ha(110 acres)136 m(446 ft)LagunaIV-A14°6′37″N121°20′24″E
Panamaocrater lake68 ha(170 acres)114 m(374 ft)SuluARMM5°58′11″N121°10′13″E
Pandincrater lake21 ha(52 acres)225 m(738 ft)LagunaIV-A14°6′52″N121°22′8″E
Pantabanganreservoir5,923 ha(14,640 acres)202 m(663 ft)Nueva EcijaIII15°50′9″N121°9′18″E
Paoaytectonic lake403 ha(1,000 acres)15 m(49 ft)Ilocos NorteI18°7′12″N120°32′4″E
Pinag-ulbuancrater lake2 ha(4.9 acres)19 m(62 ft)BatangasIV-A14°1′21″N121°0′54″E
Pinamaloytectonic lake60 ha(150 acres)312 m(1,024 ft)BukidnonX7°40′15″N124°59′59″E
Pinatubocrater lake183 ha(450 acres)926 m(3,038 ft)Zambales[18]III15°8′37″N120°20′56″E
Pulangireservoir1,985 ha(4,910 acres)340 m(1,120 ft)BukidnonX7°48′31″N125°2′19″E
Pulogcrater lake2 ha(4.9 acres)829 m(2,720 ft)SorsogonV13°2′33″N123°58′55″E
Sampaloccrater lake104 ha(260 acres)134 m(440 ft)LagunaIV-A14°4′42″N121°19′49″E
San Marcoslahar-dammed24 ha(59 acres)222 m(728 ft)TarlacIII15°18′49″N120°23′27″E
San Roquereservoir882 ha(2,180 acres)155 m(509 ft)Pangasinan &BenguetI &CAR16°9′38″N120°41′28″E
Sanicrater lake11 ha(27 acres)130 m(430 ft)SuluARMM5°56′4″N121°21′0″E
Sapatectonic lake112 ha(280 acres)23 m(75 ft)Tawi-TawiARMM7°0′37″N118°29′28″E
Sebu354 ha(870 acres)1,000 m(3,300 ft)South CotabatoXII6°13′44″N124°42′18″E
Seitcrater lake59 ha(150 acres)17 m(56 ft)SuluARMM5°59′17″N121°12′40″E
Singuancrater lake112 ha(280 acres)23 m(75 ft)Tawi-TawiARMM6°58′19″N118°29′15″E
Sungculantectonic lake49 ha(120 acres)0 m(0 ft)BoholVII9°38′6″N123°50′11″E
Taal23,420 ha(57,900 acres)5 m(16 ft)BatangasIV-A13°58′33″N121°0′48″E
Taal Main Cratercrater lake121 ha(300 acres)5 m(16 ft)BatangasIV-A14°0′41″N120°59′52″E
Tambolahar-dammed79 ha(200 acres)286 m(938 ft)TarlacIII15°17′47″N120°22′23″E
Tikubcrater lake47 ha(120 acres)53 m(174 ft)QuezonIV-A13°57′46″N121°18′23″E
Timpuokcrater lake32 ha(79 acres)3 m(9.8 ft)SuluARMM6°2′16″N121°10′45″E
Tinagong Dagatcrater lake4 ha(9.9 acres)915 m(3,002 ft)IloiloVI11°4′31″N122°19′42″E
Uacontectonic lake70 ha(170 acres)0 m(0 ft)ZambalesIII15°40′19″N119°56′24″E
Uyaantectonic lake28 ha(69 acres)343 m(1,125 ft)Lanao del SurARMM7°51′41″N124°3′29″E
Venadotectonic lake2,194 m(7,198 ft)North CotabatoXII7°0′11″N125°16′3″E
Woodtectonic lake738 ha(1,820 acres)320 m(1,050 ft)Zamboanga del SurIX7°50′36″N123°9′47″E
Yagumyumcrater lake1 ha(2.5 acres)1,422 m(4,665 ft)Negros OrientalXVIII9°15′3″N123°11′12″E
Yambocrater lake5 ha(12 acres)225 m(738 ft)LagunaIV-A14°7′9″N121°21′59″E


Largest and deepest lakes

  • Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the Philippines

  • Lake Lanao, second

  • Taal Lake, third

  • Lake Mainit, fourth, and the second deepest

  • Lake Pinatubo is the deepest at 800 m (2,600 ft) and one of the youngest.

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