Isla De Gigantes: One Lagoon and Three Islands in A Day

Isla de Gigantes: One Lagoon and Three Islands in a Day

Day 2 of our Isla de Gigantes trip was island hopping day.  We started off around 8 AM.  We made the right decision to do the island hopping on our second day, which happens to be a Sunday, when most of the local tourists were already leaving in time for Monday’s first day of work.  That means the islands will be less crowded by now.

Isla de Gigantes island hoppingIsla de Gigantes island hopping

Just as we set off, we saw this passenger boat leaving for Estancia, jam-packed with passengers

Stop 1: Tanque Lagoon

Coming from Langub, we reached Tangue (or Tangke in Filipino, tank in English) Lagoon in Gigantes Sur in about 15 minutes.  A few boats were already docked when we reached the lagoon.  From our boat, the lagoon is hidden behind the rocks surrounding it like a fortress.  The lagoon revealed itself after we climbed the rocky borders.

I expected fewer visitors but this is for sure better than if we had gone the day before.  Since a few boats were already lined up near the “entrance” to the lagoon, we had to hop on to the other boats to get to the access point.  I didn’t expect that the first stop in our island hopping would be…a boat hopping.

Tangke Lagoon, Isla de Gigantes

My imagination sees Kingkong on the left, guarding the lagoon

Tangke Lagoon, Isla de Gigantes


Once I was inside the lagoon dipping in its cold clear water, looking at the 360 degrees view of the limestone cliffs is just incredible.  Natural rock formations formed small slabs near the end of the lagoon, where one can hangout and sit (be careful, it’s sharp though) for a while.  My butt found a nice spot but alas, it also found a small plastic food packaging sitting prettily on the rock.

I know tourists have to pay an environmental fee to maintain the clean state of the lagoon, but please, please, please, don’t throw any garbage anywhere at the sea.  Take all wastes with you until you can throw them away in the proper garbage bins.

Tangke Lagoon, Isla de Gigantes

This spot is I think where one goes cliff diving.  We didn’t try and nobody was doing it at that time. How can you with the boats docked on the side?

Stop 2: Cabugao Gamay

Cabugao Gamay can be spotted from the docking area in Tanque Lagoon.  Upon docking, we first strolled the southern tip of the island.

Cabugao Gamay, Isla de GigantesCabugao Gamay, Isla de GigantesCabugao Gamay, Isla de Gigantes

The other tip of the island is a smaller rock hill, which could be climbed using a combination of natural rocky steps and wooden stairs.  At the top is a marvelous view of the most photographed vista of Cabugao Gamay.

Cabugao Gamay, Isla de Gigantes

It is a challenge to photograph this view differently as the vantage point is quite limited, not unless I acquire the genes of Spiderman.

Cabugao Gamay, Isla de Gigantes

Some wooden tables and benches are available under the shade of coconut trees, perfect for lunch time.

Feasting my eyes on more views of rock formations, white sand beach, trees and crystal clear waters:

Cabugao Gamay, Isla de GigantesCabugao Gamay, Isla de GigantesCabugao Gamay, Isla de Gigantes

Stop 3: Bantigue Sandbar

Another one of Isla de Gigantes’ set of islands, Bantigue Island is a long sand bar that is best visited during low tide.  The sandbar had a snake-like curve at the time we went.

Bantigue Sandbar, Isla de GigantesBantigue Sandbar, Isla de GigantesThe heat of the sun was at its peak at the time we got there so we decided to skip swimming.  Instead, we explored the other end of the island (which gave us sunburn just the same, hehe), where a small fishing village (if you would consider 10-15 families a village) exists.

Bantigue Sandbar, Isla de GigantesBantigue Sandbar, Isla de GigantesBantigue Sandbar, Isla de Gigantes

Stop 4: Antonia Beach

At first, I confused Antonia Beach to be an island.  I later learned that it’s actually a large sandbar at the tip of Gigantes Sur.  We arrived at the beach with a snack mode ON so we bought something that’ll make our stomachs busy.  There’s one sari-sari store near the benches, where visitors could buy food and yes, beer is available, too.



After some chats, laughs, chewing and a bottle of beer, we snorkeled at one side of the beach.  Corals, fishes and sea grass are not far from the shore.  We then said goodbye to the fishes and went up the unique rock formation at one end of the beach.  The rocks formed slanting slabs that looked like they were layered.

Antonia Beach, Isla de Gigantes

Natural Painting: Sunset in Isla de Gigantes

We then went back to Jesa Beach Resort and after a refreshing shower, we went out again to witness the sunset along the shores.


Gigantes Norte sunset

Dramatic shot in preparation for sunset?

Gigantes Norte SunsetGigantes Norte SunsetGigantes Norte Sunset_DSC9675-2Gigantes Norte Sunset

What a wonderful sunset to end the day. ?

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