Tamaraw Falls and Virgin Island of Oriental Mindoro

Tamaraw Falls and Virgin Island of Oriental Mindoro

AUTHOR: Geejay Gelogo || DATE: Monday, March 10, 2014

White Beach, Puerto Galera is no doubt the best destination when you asked for a tourist spot in Oriental Mindoro. However, it doesn't mean that it is the only tourist destination they have. As Oriental Mindoro houses some of the majestic moutain (one is Mt Halcon), prestine beach water, white sand, and other unspoiled natural beauty.

So during our 2 days (yup, 2 days only) visit at Puerto Galera, I really compressed our itinerary so that we can be able to see some of their natural resources.One of the natural resources Im talking here that they offer to tourists and catches my attention is the Tamaraw Falls. Why? Then read further...

Claire doing her "eksena" again

How to get there? Manila to Puerto Galera. Then from White Beach, Puerto Galera, take a tricycle ride going to "Bayan" or Calapan Terminal. Fare is 100 pesos per tricycle which is good for 4 pax. As you reach Calapan Terminal, ride a jeepney going tamaraw falls which costs 40 pesos per pax. It is roughly 1 hour 45 minutes of time travel from White Beach to Tamaraw Falls.But since we went there in a large group, we did rent a multicab to take us at Tamaraw Falls which costs us 1,500 pesos.

Though it is a bit expensive compared if we travel on our own, we still avail it for reasons. One, it will saves us time (remember, we're only there for 2 days). So we value more of our time than a penny. Second, for convenient purposes. Most of my companion in this trip were ladies so I have to make this travel less stressful. Third, I've read and heard that travelling back to White Beach from Tamaraw Falls is difficult as jeepneys are already or almost full because they also have another terminal right before Tamaraw Falls. And since we were a large group, chance of fitting into 1 jeepney that passes Tamaraw Falls is very low.

To answer the question why Tamaraw Falls catches my attention, it is because this falls is just right beside a road bridge. Yes, you read it right. People who wants to see Tamaraw Falls do not need to hike, trek or passed by any forest as this attraction is accessible to passers-by.Tamaraw Falls is composed of different unsymmetrical layers of falls that leads into grand one as it reach the waterbed. It is located in Barangay Villaflor, Puerto Galera and according to Wikipedia, it stands at 423 feet (or 129m) tall. Approximately, it is a 4-5 storey building high.

It is covered with lush green plants which adds beauty of this falls. The water streaming down this falls isn't that grand, maybe because it hasn't rain for more than a month now, yet it still possess an undeniably unique beauty. We were actually all smiling and excited as we saw Tamaraw Falls up-close and in person.

I wonder how it looks like during rainy season

Taking photos and hanging out on the bridge is free but there is a man-made pools under it where the water of Tamaraw falls cascades on. However, one must pay 30 pesos in order to get inside the area. There are also cottages (140 pesos) and tables (30 pesos) wherein you can place your things as you go swim into the chilling water of Tamaraw Falls.

No electricity on this part of the Galera

Just like the falls, the man-made pools are also cascading. It is divided into 3 or 4 layers with different water levels. One thing is common on all pools, they're all cold. Haha. Those pools are not as developed as you imagine. It seems like it was created whatever so people could enjoy swimming.

Who cares? I only spent 30 pesos. The water may fool you and you may take it as dirty because of its green color (due to moss) but I assure you its clean and refreshing. As I, myself dive into it.

Luscious green surrounding! Priceless! 

Water from the mother falls

Mini falls near the cliff

Sidetrip: Virgin Island

Our trip to Virgin Island is also included in our 1,500 payment going to Tamaraw Falls. Though we only spent half an hour to this unspoiled beach as we were catching up the sunset at White Beach of Puerto Galera, our group still enjoyed the stay as well as its water.

I have 2 conclusions why this place is called Virgin Island Beach. One is because of the grotto of the Vigin Mary installed in the middle of a huge rock and second, is because it is still undeveloped and a non-commercial coast.

The grotto of the Mama Mary

The 4-hour trip was really worth it. Seeing other part of Mindoro aside from White Beach, Puerto Galera is quite refreshing. I said that because I prefer going to unspoiled and hidden natural resources rather than party-vibe beaches. 

Published on : 27/01/2018 by Puerto Parrot

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