About us. What do we do? How does the Puerto Parrot work?

What is the Puertoparrot?

Puerto means port and every port have a pier. The Philippines are a country with 7107 islands with many piers. There is a lot of tourism and many communities in the Philippines. All those tourists, expats, visitors etc. join for a while your community.

But how do this guest's find all the services your community provides? That's why we created the Puertoparrot!

Just imagine on every pier in the Philippines sit a parrot.A parrot is a talking bird. Every time visitors arrive in your community,he starts talking and explains where to find hotels, restaurants, room for rent, doctors, businesses etc.

The Puertoparrot is a community service. He helps visitors to find what they need and helps the community to get more success. It's a win win situation"

How does the Parrot work?

The Puertoparrot provides city services, business index, classified ads, events calendar, and articles about the Philippines. There is also weather and forecast, live news feed and more. You even can create your own photo albums and share it with other people. Or enjoy our picture/video gallery's. There is also a useful link page and if you are a business owner, check out our free banner ad promo until December 1st, 2017. See also: advertise with us.

The Parrot also creates jobs! To serve the whole Philippines (we are located in Puerto Galera) we need Parrot agents.

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