Ambahan: Home

Ambahan: Home

To give a sample of all the various aspects of the home life within a Mangyan settlement would be next to impossible. However, an attempt to draw a general outline will be undertaken here. Two great themes can be considered of importance in the life-cycle of a Mangyan: 1) His struggle for life in and around his house, to keep hunger and sickness away; and, 2) His unbelievable ability to relax, be happy and unconcerned, often by escaping from his immediate surroundings.

What does a Mangyan home look like? His house is not as important as a house is to his countrymen of modern culture. A Mangyan will be the first to admit that his house is of poor construction and just a temporary dwelling.

Handwritten version of ambahan 102

This the forest Mangyan said:"What I have to tell you, sir,I've been thinking of for long:Your existence is not badIn the lowlands where you live.There the houses that you haveAre built with beams of the bestLike your floors all made of wood.But we to the mountains bornWho have lived here for so long,Our houses are not like that.Our floor is of bamboo built,Our roof made of cogon grass,All of it is tied with vines.But to that I have to add.Don't forget that we can liveVery near the water sourceWhere the birds all come to drink.A cool, shady place to be."

Sabi ng isang Mangyan:Ang wika ko'y pakingganIto ngang kaisipan—Mabuti ang 'yong lagayIkaw, taga-kapataganKaya taga-baybayanTabla ay ilang-ilangNagsahig nang mainamKaming taga-burulanKaya nasa burulanaming kabihasnanSahig ay patpatanKugon lang ang bubunganMay taling baling-uwayDatapwa't 'to'y pakingganH'wag naman kalimutanIbon sa may igibanBukal itong inumanNa kay lilim kung tingnan!

After all, life is hard and a Mangyan has to spend most of his time eking out a subsistence for himself, so the house itself is of little importance.

Handwritten version of ambahan 103

Your condition is quite goodand your house is beautiful.The walls made of banban leaves,still enforced with bamboo poles.But we, living out-of-doors,we, the mountains dwellers up,if we did not have to searchfor some food to stay alive,we could also be so wise,we could also find these ways!But the only thing we find,is a sago palm for food!

Dampa mo'y kainamanBahay n'yo pong gandahanMay dingding na banbanPatukurang kawayanKaming nasa bakuranKaming taga-burulanDi dapat paghanapanDi dapat panghinaanWala pong karupukanDi dapat manghinayangDahil masisilayanYaong buling gandahan!

Even if the construction is nice and strong, the day will come that the house will be torn apart by the ripping blasts of wind.

Handwritten version of ambahan 105

Climbing vine with the long leaves,leaves symmetrical and fine,how very nice looks your stem!But, they say, you'll be blown downby the tempest from the shore!

Hoy, uway na lambaanMalamba ang dahon manAng puno'y kainaman—Kung nasa daraananBagyo'y galing 'patagan!

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