Ambahan: Hospitality and Friendship

Ambahan: Hospitality and friendship

When a traveler arrives at a house he wont be afraid that he may not be welcome. Hospitality is considered the highest of virtues among the Mangyans.

Handwritten version of ambahan 181

My dear friend, be welcome here!Where, perchance, did you come from?From the seashore ebbing low,from the bubbling water spring?If from the water source up,let us talk a moment here,in a happy, friendly way.Even whoever you are,we like to be at your side.

Katoto kong matalikSaan ka ba nanggalingSa baybayin bang gilidNasunson ba ng batisKung sa bukal ng tubigHalina at magniigSa kwentuhan mong ibigDi-kilala ma't batidMakapiling ka'y lirip!

Sitting together on the balcony in the soft moonlight, the Mangyan feel inspired. Friendship is great!

Handwritten version of ambahan 198

Look! The moon so full and bright,shining in front of the house!How can you explain to me,that the rays are soft and cool?If a man like us he were,I would hold him by the hand!Seize the hair to keep him back!Grasp the clothes to make him stay!But how could I manage that!It is the moon in the sky!The full moon shining so bright,going down beyond the hills,disappearing from the plain,out of sight behind the rocks.

Kay liwanag ng buwanSa balkunahe'y sinagPaano naging ganyakLuningning ay busilakKung tao s'yang katuladPipigilan kong tiyakSa buhok, siya'y hawakSiguro sa damit manPa'no mapipigilanMay buwang nakasinagBituing kumikislapMay bundok kinublihanMay hinamugang patagMay tuktok na pinugad.

The visitor will be home again, but the memory of his good friends will remain forever.

Handwritten version of ambahan 205

You, my friends, dearest of all,thinking of you makes me sad.Rivers deep are in between,forests vast keep us apart.But thinking of you with love,as if you are here nearbystanding, sitting at my side.

Lugod kong kaibiganKung kita'y pag-isipanMay ilog sa pagitanMay gubat sa harapanNgunit kung pagbulayanParang nasa tabihanKapiling sa kandungan.

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