Ambahan: Sickness

Ambahan: Sickness

Sickness is unavoidable in human life. A person who is ill can easily be recognized. Sometimes, whatever is done, all treatment seems to be in vain. But there is always a treatment that's been forgotten.

Handwritten version of ambahan 131

This my problem, my headache,I had called the doctors all,had it treated frequentlybut my headache didn't go.Like the storm not calming down,like the rain that doesn't stopit was even getting worse:my head almost cracking up.But the final medicine,why did I not think of it?We must love each other more.Then the problem will be gone,carried along by the wind,covered by the forest trees,and we will be sad no more.

Itong ulong makirotDinalit na't ginamotNiritwal na sa bulongAyaw pong huminahonParang bagyong inikotLaging unang lagunotLalo itong tumibokSa bunbunan paloobDatapwa't iyang gamotIkaw, sa 'king pagsukotAy karamay kong irog!Huhupa na ang kirotSa hangin ipasaklotSa gubat ipataklobLalaho na ang lungkot!

A serious condition might develop. The usual treatments are of little help.

Handwritten version of ambahan 132

Says Yumay, when feeling ill:Daog, I am calling you.I am coming all the wayto visit your house, Daog.I would like to ask from you,if you could apply your wit,have me treated with your charms.The main reason for all this:my problem, my headache wastreated seven times in vain,still the sickness doesn't go!I am worried and I thinkthat this sickness will resultfinally into my death.

Panawagan ni YumaySi Daog tawag tawagPakay niya sa lakadSi Daog sa may dampaAko nawa'y tulunganSa bulong mong malakasSa mabisa mong dasalKaya nga nagkaganyanMasakit ang uluhanPito mang patas-unanKirot pa'y palagianHuwag sana, h'wag namanSakit waring hantunganTiyak na kamatayan!

Why don't the treatments work? Maybe all the requirements of offerings to the spirits were not properly fulfilled.

Handwritten version of ambahan 133

Says the spirit of the spring:What has been your offering?Softly cooked rice, there was none,Not a chicken, even one!Only some fruits from a tree!What else could the answer bebut rains and a hurricanehitting house and yard again.What are you going to do?Incantation might help youor a seer and his wit!Maybe he can solve your caseand prevent further disgrace.Says the one responsible:You, dear spirit of the well,Please, do hide your angriness!It's my fault, I do confess.I'll bring the best from my floorthat you will complain no more.

Wika ng lamang-lupaApo Ilog nagbanta:Handog na kani'y walaNi manok na 'hinandaBungang-kahoy lamang baAmbo'y umampiyas ngaHangin ay hagunot naSa kabila ng dampaAnong ibibigay paBibigkas ng dasal ba?Uusal ng dalit haGanyang magmatigas kaHanggang katapusan pa!Sumagot ang sinama:Kayo, Poon ng sapaH'wag kapootan nawaAlay namin, dulog naSa sahig nagmumulaSa sumpa po'y iadya!

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