Ambahan: Traveling

Ambahan: Traveling

As a relief from his struggle for life, the Mangyan sometimes goes traveling.

The moment will come when the Mangyan cannot be kept tied any longer to his house and the daily chores. He has to go, whether it is opportune or not. The woman, however, is not as fortunate as the man; she is tied to her home, especially when her children are still small. In spite of that, she would also like to go out once in a while. The parents should be, therefore, understanding and reasonable.

Handwritten version of ambahan 164

This journey that I must do,Tell me please what's wrong with it,And please explain how, indeed,Father and mother dearest!But then if there's nothing wrong,Then why scold me for so long?

Iring aking pagpasyalKung mali po ang asalAko ay kagalitanO Tatay ko, O InayNgunit kung kawastuhanH'wag sanang magtungayaw?

The following ambahan is a special bit of advice to those with the unpleasant ringworm skin disease.

Handwritten version of ambahan 166

Little bird, Balinayaw,When the sun is fading fast,Better not to walk outside,For your colors will stand outOn the leafless Limpayaw!

Ay naku ibong BalawKung pusyaw na ang arawHuwag ka ngang galawgawKulay mo ay lilitawSa panot na Limpayaw!

Just as the speed of those who travel differs, so the character also differs.

Handwritten version of ambahan 178

Take my bird, the bidlawan,whistling loud and flying far,still he will always come backto the house wherein we dwell.But the bird alipasangwhistling loud and flying far,he will not come back againto the house wherein we dwell.

Ibong kong si BidlawanSakaling ngang liparanBabalik pa rin iyanSa 'ming dampang pugaranAng ibong layang-layangKung puma-ilanglangWala na pong balikanSa pugad na tahanan!

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