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Our Lady of Atonement which is popularly known as Baguio Cathedral is a Catholic Church located in Baguio City, Philippines. It is unique because of its twin spires, rose colored exterior and traditional stained glass. It is one of the main attractions in Baguio City. During World War 11, the church served as the evacuation center for the Japanese.

Baguio Cathedral (Photo Courtesy: Kaye Enriquez @kayenriquez on Instagram)


The Cathedral Church is located in the heart of Baguio City. It is also one of the visited landmarks in Baguio City. The church has a long concrete stairway having more than hundred steps. Some of the visitors and locals of the place avoid these steps, instead they are likely to access the road going to the church.

The Baguio Cathedral is the biggest church in Baguio City wherein religious activities are held in this place. During Holy Week, there are thousands of people and devotees who visit the church. Also, during holidays and Sundays, there are a lot of vendors along the concrete stairway selling different kind of items such as balloons, rosary, sampaguita and candles.

Baguio Cathedral (Photo Courtesy: @_rap28 on Instagram)


For those who want to visit the place, it is crowded during holidays. If you wish to see the place and appreciate its solemnity, you should avoid coming to the place during holidays because it is not just crowded but the hotels and inns are usually full.  On the other hand, if you wish to experience the devotion of Filipinos that show their faith, then holidays is the the perfect time for you.  The place will be packed with worshipers and church visitors.

The view deck that is situated at the church is the favorite spot for visitors and locals because its overlooks the Burnham Park, Camp Allen and City Hall of the city. As of now, The Baguio Cathedral Church has undergone renovation and was officially opened to all last November 25, 1990 when the church celebrated the Christ of the King.

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