Dugoy Festival

Dugoy Festival

The Dugoy Festival is an annual festival in the municipality of Sablayan, Occidental MindoroPhilippines. It is celebrated during the town fiesta and through street parades and street dancing which feature the Mangyan culture. It is becoming popular in recent years and is now in its seventh year.


The municipality of Sablayan in the province of Occidental Mindoro is quite exceptional for aside from being endowed with rich forested mountains and biodiversity such as endemictree species, birds, and the endangerd tamaraw; lakes, falls, rivers, and caves; and productive coral reefs and agricultural lands, the whole municipality celebrates every January 18 the Dugoy Festival by virtue of the Sangguniang Bayan Special Ordinance No. 2002-02.

The event showcases the rich cultural heritage of the Indigenous Peoples, specifically that of the Mangyan People, through activities such as street dancing, exhibits, and cultural shows. The street dancing remains the highlight, as it is participated by at least 20 groups that brought together about 1,000 members and attracted thousands and thousands of spectators. The street dancing showcases the different ethno-cultural groups not just of the Mangyan People but also of those groups that came from almost all parts of the archipelago and subsequently have settled in Sablayan.

The festivals main concept is to promote and celebrate the Dugoy Spirit of camaraderie among peoples of different culture and the harmonious relationship with nature of the Sablayeños. The costume depends on the traditional costumes worn by the members of the ethno-cultural group represented. Through the years however, the organizers and participants shifted and added twists of modernity in the ways costumes are used to make the celebration more lively, vibrant, and colorful without losing the original intention of the revelry. Music used by the groups vary, some utilized recorded modern songs while most stick to the use of indigenous materials for musical instruments to produce familiar sounds of nature.

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