Kisi-kisi Festival: Eat Freshly Steamed Oysters As Much As You Can

“Kisi-kisi” is a Hiligaynon term that describes the fast movement of crustaceans such as fish, prawns, crabs and shrimps that is abundant in the municipality of Ilog, Negros Occidental.

Kisi-kisi Festival is celebrated every 25th of March.

The main attraction of the festival is the Kisi-kisi streetdancing parade competition among barangays that pays tribute to its rich marine resources.

The dance parade showcases how fishes and other crustaceans twitch and waggle as they are being hauled during harvest. The participating groups wear headdresses and costumes adorned with multi-colored shells; props include baskets and nets used for fishing.

The town fiesta also honors the Señor Santo Niño as their patron saint, that is why, before the dance parade a re-enactment of Sinulog is staged to show how their village was saved from the Moro pirates.

Another exciting event to look forward during the opening day of the Kisi-kisi Festival is the "eat-all-you-can oysters" which is open to all visitors. Freshly steamed oysters are served on a long bamboo table for those who would like to savor the seafood.