Masskara Festival Intresting Facts You Should Know

MassKara Festival Intresting Facts You Should Know

Without any doubt, the excitement level in the Bacolod MassKara Festival is just out of this world. People from all around the world come every year to see some of the fascinating scenes of this festival.

It’s absolutely a treat for any entertainment lover, and I am highly recommending you to get a life-changing experience in the Bacolod City Festival.

Imagine what it would be like!!

When you will see some crazy participants in unusual bright costumes and masks dance in front of you. Obviously, it would be very interesting and thrilling stuff.

MassKara Festival Facts
MassKara Festival facts

Think about this for a moment!!

When you will get a Parade of masked people in colorful attire along with music and drumming beats. Yes, it would be better than extraordinary.So, that’s why I am forcing you to visit the MassKara Festival to witness some of the most unique and unreal scenes for the very first time in your life.

We are not through yet.

Because, here are some of the interesting MassKara Festival facts that will blow your mind.

MassKara Festival Facts:

  • Many people associate MassKara Festival as a festival of masks, but actually, it’s not. It is a combination of two Spanish words “Mass” and “Cara” which means many faces.
  • The MassKara Festival History has a lot of motivation and inspiration for you. It’s astonishing how the locals of Bacolod showed resilience in tough times.
  • Masks with wide smiles are a symbol of joy and happiness in this festival. Hence, it symbolizes the Bacolod as the” City of Smiles”.
  • The Bacolod MassKara Festival was first organized in the year 1980 to overcome the grief and sadness of the Bacolodnon. Since then the event has gotten popular and bigger.
  • In the entire month of October, the Bacolod city turns into a hub of merriment and festivity. It’s a month long celebrated festival.MassKara Festival Parade
  • Another MassKara Festival fact is that it’s a bit different from other Philippines festivals like Sinulog and Ati-Atihan, in a way that, it doesn’t pay any tribute to Santo Nino.
  • Street Dancing Competition and MassKara Queen Beauty Pageant are the most anticipated events or activities in this incredible festival.

So, these are some of the facts that you must have to know about the Bacolod MassKara Festival.

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Barangay 18 wins the MassKara Street and Arena Competition

Barangay 18 wins the MassKara Street and Arena Competition

MassKara Festival History:  An Inspirational Story

MassKara Festival History: An Inspirational Story

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