Pintados Kasadyaan Festival: Tacloban City


FESTIVAL: Tacloban City


Pintados Kasadyaan Festival is a cultural-religious celebration in Tacloban based on the body-painting traditions of the ancient tattooed “pintados” warriors. In 1986, the Pintados Foundation, Inc. was formed by the people of Tacloban to organized this festival in honor of Sr. Santo Niño.  Then years later, it was merged with the Kasadyaan Festival which is always held on JUNE 30.

This festival of Tacloban City is a Filipino Festival with its own uniqueness that’s why you won’t be tired of watching this every year. It recalls Pre-Spanish history of the native Leytenos from wars, epics and folk religions. The most expected aspect of the Pintados festival are the festive dancers, painted from head to toe with beautiful designs and incredible styles that look like armor to resemble the tattooed warriors of old times. During the course of the Pintados festival, dancers whose bodies are painted in an amazing array of colors fill the streets of Tacloban city and make the whole city lively. At first sight, they may seem outrageous as grown men pour into the streets decorated in such dazzling colors as luminous blue or neon green or so whatever. But as one gets used to this and sees the dances depicted, one gets a glimpse of the history of the people that once lived on the islands of Leyte so long ago.

I think this was the Buyogan Festival of Abuyog, Leyte who won last year’s Leyte Pintados Kasadyaan Festival. Their costumes were colorful that’s why some people said that besides they are good in dancing, they are also very creative which made them the best of all the best.

               This is called the Pasaka Festival which proudly presented by the Tanauan people. This festival won this year’s 5th Kasadyaan Festival.


Published on : 20/02/2018 by Puerto Parrot

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