PLDT Takes Lead in Network Speed


Telco giant PLDT Inc. gained recognition for having the fastest network in the country last year.

PLDT cited the latest figures from the closely followed Ookla Speedtest Awards covering the second semester of 2018.

Based on a crowdsourced survey, PLDT showed fixed-line download and upload speeds of 52.28 megabits per second and 55.95 Mbps, respectively. This compares with the 25.82 Mbps and 9.99 Mbps download and upload speeds of main rival, Globe Telecom, which has a smaller fixed-line presence.

PLDT also showed less latency or lag at 35 milliseconds versus Globe’s 54 ms.

For mobile networks, PLDT’s subsidiary Smart had an average download speed of 17.86 Mbps and and an upload speed of 8.61 Mbps. For Globe, it was measured at 11.36 Mbps and 4.94 Mbps. Globe’s mobile network experienced less lag at 64 ms versus 66 ms for Smart.

In a statement, PLDT said the results were proof that investments made on its network were paying off.

“In addition to our network investments, we have also undertaken LTE migration efforts to assist customers in upgrading to LTE through SIM replacement programs and by partnering with device manufacturers in making LTE devices more accessible,” said Mario G. Tamayo, PLDT and Smart senior vice president for network planning and engineering.

The report also highlighted the PLDT Group’s lead in key Metro Manila cities such as Quezon City, Makati and Manila.

Data from mobile test score came from 2.2 million user-initiated tests while the fixed-line score was based on 27.2 million tests.

“Ookla compared user-initiated tests that are taken on various Speedtest applications connected to a fixed network, including tests taken on mobile phones over a Wi-Fi connection,” the company said.

Overall, fixed-line networks in the Philippines saw a top download speed of 45.72 Mbps and top upload speed of 44.76 Mbps with an average latency of 44 ms. For mobile networks, the average download speed stood at 13.85 Mbps while the average download speed was at 6.35 Mbps with a 65 ms latency.

PLDT is looking at spending P70 billion in 2019 to further boost its fixed-line and mobile networks. For its part, Globe is allocating P63 billion in capital spending for the year. Both figures represent record amounts for both companies.

Published on : 04/03/2019 by Puerto Parrot

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