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Depth:    5m - 15m / 16' - 49'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Garden / Reef

Coral Garden

A colorful garden made with hundreds of corals pop up to your eyes while diving, in every meter is a discovery about what mother nature can do. A lot of reef fishes are shoaling all around at Coral Garden, they even come straight to you thinking you will feed them. Nice pictures can be done here while you are totally surrounded by different shoals of fishes.

Underwater macro photography is a must to do at the Coral Garden dive site. Numerous variety of colorful nudibranchs are crawling everywhere, as well as gobbies, shrimps and even slipper lobster. The mantis lobster is also quite common in this area.

The average shallow depth made the Coral Garden dive site an ideal place for beginners in scuba diving. The Coral Garden Reef is also accessible, in its shallow part, to the snorkelers who just want to snorkel above the amazing Coral Garden. The waters in this area are calm and clear. Coral Garden is also a popular fish feeding area.

Marine Life @ Coral Garden


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