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Depth:    2m - 24m / 7' - 79'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Reef

Seven Rocks

Its local name is "Siete Picados" and It is one of the most popular reef dives around Coron because of its close distance to the town (only 20min with the boat). Also good for a single dive or night dive, but usually and best in combination with Barracuda lake.


Since a couple of years this reef is a marine Sanctuary and the friendly guard keeps a sharp eye of its protection, he is also collecting the entrance fee.


From very shallow the reef slopes down to max. 24m and has an amazing high variety of healthy soft and hard corals. An excellent diversity of fishes like many kinds of anemone-fishes, batfishes, cuttle fish, barracudas, groupers, angel fishes, emperors, moray-eels and the giant clams, the rare mandarin fish, turtles, lobsters, seahorses, nudibranch and rays, sometimes even eagle-rays, makes this dive-site to a perfect spot for underwater photography.

Marine Life @ Seven Rocks

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