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Depth:    Max. 43m / 141'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Reef

Linusotan Coral Gardens

A favorite among the dive sites in Davao. It is also called “Linosutan,” perhaps owing much to the network of reefs found there where divers go “in and out” of (“lusot” in local dialect). But the name is most likely derived from the nearby barrio itself right in front the Talikud Island.

Another one of the more convenient dive sites in Davao, it is relatively shallow and shows so much at a depth of 20 meters. There is an array  of coral species, both hard and soft, lots of anemones with resident fishes and shrimps,  anthias, damselfishes, fusiliers, butterflyfishes, tube worms, sea stars, and sponges.

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