Dive logo Paglugaban Island in El Nido



Depth:    8m - 30m  / 26' - 98'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Slope and Reef Rock

Paglugaban Island

The Paglugaban dive site in El Nido has amazing rock formation with numerous swim-throughs inhabited by a vey wide variety of nudibranchs. Starting with a flat reef with the occasional octopus, you make your way along a different hard coral formations start coming up out of the ground. keep an eye out for friendly turtles and a family of bumphead parrotfish, two huge impressive specimens followed by 5 or 6 smaller ones.

Then comes the highlight section, impressive rock formations covered in soft coral with space to swim trough many different ways. Take your time, you may find frogfish on the walls, crocodile fish on the floor and cuttlefish waiting waiting for you around the corners.

Paglugaban is on the edge of the island group so one side is then open ocean, so dont forget to look in to the blue every so often, you never know what might be swimming past.


Video by: Tony Exall Underwater Video

Marine Life @ Paglugaban Island

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