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Depht:    25m - 30m / 66' - 100'

Skill level:    Advanced

Description:   Wreck

Alma Jane Wreck 

The Alma Jane was a 60-ton steel cargo freigter, over 30 meter in lenght and 10 meter height. The ship was scuttled in 2003 to create a wreck diving site. The cargo vessel was stripped of dangerous objects bevore sinking and is today a perfect artifical reef standing upright on the sandy bottom in 30 meter and is now host to a large variety of marine life. Encrusted with hard  and soft coral, you'll find all kinds of big and small life here.

You will discover groups of sweetlips, batfish and rabbit fish and large schools of yellowtail fusiliers and drummers. There are also lionfish, trumpetfish and frogfish to be seen. Along the outline of the wreck, big scorpionfish try to blend in and puffer fish try to hide under the hull.

Large groupers lurking around the bottom of the wreck. You may also come across some smaller critters sutch as mantis shrimp and morays. Stingrays can also be found in the sand around the wreck.

The hull is still intact and makes the Alma Jane Wreck for a perfect swim trough with its wide beam and deep draft, light comes from several skylights and there is no need for for more than a small torch. This is a superb nitrox dive. The Alma Jane Wreck can be dived even when there is a moderate current as there is a mooring line down to the rudder.

The Alma Jane Wreck is also a perfect dive site for underwater photography, wide angle, wreck and macro life in just one dive. All in all makes this one of the most popular dive sites in Puerto Galera.


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