Dive logo Ernie's Point in Puerto Galera


Depth:    5m - 27m / 16' - 89'

Description:   Caves

Ernie's Point

Ernie was a large lone grouper, sadly departed. Earnie moved out many years ago but the dive site kept his name. There are 2 caves, one at 21 meter and the other at 27 meter. Plentiful fish life, including schools of surgeon fish, unicorn fish, fusiliers, small groupers and snappers and some very pretty gorgnian fans at depht.

look for tube shaped holes around the mouth of the cave, large mantis shrimps often build their nest here. Deeper, at 27 meter, lies another small cave with abundant marine life around it. None of the caves are large enough to penetrate. Schools of trevally are common here as are schools of mackerel. Beware that during big tidal changes, strong cross currents (eddys) often happen here, and you might stuck in a very small area between conflicting currents.

Marine Life @ Ernie's Point

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