Dive logo The Hill in Puerto Galera


Depth:    12m - 16m / 30' - 52'

Skill Level:    Novice & Above

The Hill

The Hill is found at the southern end of Batangas Channel. Another shallow site with interesting things to see, Anglerfish are often seen one one of the many elephant ear sponges in the area, as well as big barrel sponges, coral trees and gorgonian fans. Close by is a protected area where you will see a lot of giant clams, but ask the guard first bevore you jump in to look the clams. Do this dive on slack tide or you will have to kick very hard.

If you like photography, and macro life, you will love this dive site. You'll see the majestic wonderpus displaying his acrobatics right next to the colorful nudibranchs. With beautiful pink corals carpeting the bottom of the ocean floor, you're sure to take beautiful pictures.

Marine Life @ The Hill

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