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Depth:    18m - 27m / 60' - 88'

Skill Level:    All Levels

Description:    Wreck

SS Oryoku Maru

The Oryoku Maru dive site, technically suitable for both beginners and more advanced divers contains the remants of this vessel. The wreck is located just South of the Main Naval Pier (Alava Pier) at a depht of about 18 - 27 meters (60 - 88 feet). Many of the components from the hull, bow, stern, etc are visible, yet masses of iron and metal can be seen scattered along the bottom of the dive site.

Being so close to the pier, parts of the wreck had to be blown up by the US forces to allow other ships free passage. The initial damage combined with the destruction made from post sinking demolitions has literally turned the wreck into a artificial reef, leaving not mutch left of the actual structure for modern divers to explore.

However, the dive site has turned into a breeding ground for some of the most varied marine life in Subic Bay. There are  a number of colorful corals, and several types of clownfish, barracuda, jackfish, spotted sweetlips and other fish to be seen.

The visibility at the bottom is fairly good, making this site quite suitable for underwater photography. The many corals and assorted fish that habituate the site, make it for some great pictures!

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