Dive logo Douglas Skyraider in Subic Bay



Depth:    36m / 118'

Skill Level:    Advanced Open Water

Description:    Wreck

Douglas Skyraider

Located just off Cubi Point at 36 meters the Douglas Skyraider sits flying across the seabed. Remarkably the plane is still intact, in one piece and just missing the engine and cockpit cowling. You can still see the instruments, the seating, radios and there is even a parachute pack in the aft section.

Hover over the wreck and you can see the entire plane, including the wings with their 20mm cannons. Look under the wings and you can see the aircraft's hard points. All in all it is an amazing dive and an amazing site. The Skyraider is home to a variety of different fish and is guarded by an ever increasing army of banded shrimps.


Video by: arizonadivesubic.com

Marine Life @ Douglas Skyraider

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