15 Crazy Colourful Jeepney Designs in the Philippines

Jeepney with race car and Virgin Mary image

15 Crazy Colourful Jeepney Designs in The Philippines

Known as the country’s ‘King of the Road’, the Philippine jeepney is a cultural icon. Initially a product of up-cycling World War II vehicles after the war had ended, many of these public transport vehicles today – vibrantly painted and lavishly embellished by their owners – are unique mobile works of art.

It’s normal for jeepneys to be doused in several, if not all, of the colors of the rainbow…

Colorful blue-green jeepney in Cebu | © Øyvind Holmstad / WikiCommons
Front view of colorful blue-green jeepney in Cebu | © Øyvind Holmstad / WikiCommons
Colorful jeepney in Baguio | © Andrew and Annemarie / Flickr



Colorful apple green jeepney in Cebu | © GlebSStock / Shutterstock

Confidently parading vibrant hues, these vehicles brighten the country’s streets.

Colorful jeepney on the streets of Cebu | © GlebSStock / Shutterstock



Men riding “top load” on a jeepney in Bontoc | © Joyfull / Shutterstock
Jeepney in Legazpi, Philippines | © OlegD / Shutterstock

Jeepney owners are also very fond of painting all kinds of images on these garish vehicles. Some are simpler than others…

Red jeepney in Cebu with flaming designs | © Whologwhy / Flickr

While some might even include their favorite comic book or cartoon characters…

Jeepney with superhero images | © 松岡明芳 / WikiCommons

But many of them, as is conventional in the majorly Catholic nation, will likely be donning a religious images too.

Colorful jeepney with Jesus image | © Moni
Jeepney with race car and Virgin Mary image | © Igor Plotnikov / Shutterstock
Bright red jeepney with Santo Niño image in Cebu | © Øyvind Holmstad / WikiCommons

…even if it means having an exposed derrière right beside it.

Bright green jeepney | © Eduardo Davad / Pixabay

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