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Spanish and American colonial eras influenced the earlier Philippine breakfast. During those centuries, innovations in kitchen stoves and ovens occurred globally. Lighting the day’s first cooking fire in the predawn light was demanding. With wood or coconut husk as fuel, the kalan (woodfire stove) system was surely more time consuming than turning the knob on a recently invented gas or electric stove that even had an oven for baking built into it.
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They were the summers of my youth, the summers of life. I started working in Alaska in 1966 when I was just finishing my twenty-first year. When I came home to San Francisco just before the Fall to start school again, I was a father. That was my first year in Alaska. It would be fourteen more consecutive summers before I would see what would become my final trip to South Naknek in Bristol Bay, the salmon goldmine of the world.
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The best way to read Hello, Universe is with no expectations. Forget that it was recently awarded the prestigious Newbery Medal by the American Library Association and joined the exalted realm of much loved and well-respected writers such as Madeleine L’Engle (A Wrinkle in Time), Katherine Paterson (Jacob Have I Loved), and Lois Lowry (The Giver).
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Why Cebu? Friends asked when I told them I was finally leaving Hongkong after almost 40 years not just because of advancing decrepitude, claustrophobia over cramped living, and mental and financial meltdowns. I also cited nostalgia for the old place where my siblings and I grew up in a large house on a hill overlooking the cement plant my father managed, and saying "pastilan!" and "buang-buang!"
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A strange sight greeted me in the middle of rice fields in Jaen, Nueva Ecija sometime in the late ‘80s. The Agrarian Reform program had just begun. My clan, heirs of my farmer grandma, was waiting for a dialogue with her tenants. I noticed a group of them waiting around a small table with … was I seeing right? Tarot cards?
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These things are pleasant to wear, affordable, light-weight, functional, comfortable, convenient and available in almost every shopping mall, local stores and sold by many street vendors. They can be easily slipped on to the foot, worn every day for all sorts of occasions and gives no hassle with tying shoe laces.
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Ukay-Ukay, it is the Filipino adaptation of a "flea market" and one of those typical features from the Philippines. It began more than thirty years ago and in a short period of time became the best bargain sensation in the country, from rags to riches, a shoe-string enterprise, born out of necessity and grown into a lucrative fashion industry.
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I have been in the Philippines for almost one and a half months as an expat and like most of the other expats here, I work, eat, sleep in Metro Manila – one of the busiest cities in the world. Like anyone else who lives and works in Metro Manila, all I want for the weekend is a place that allows me to escape the hassle traffic and polluted air in the mega city. Besides that, I have a craving for new things.
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Different whitening products displayed at a local grocery store.

Quezon City – Many Asian countries have been obsessed with white skin as such is considered to be synonymous to beauty and prosperity. In the Philippines, many Filipinos would spare a hefty chunk of their wages to splurge on whitening products, such as lotions, soaps, creams, or even oral capsules. Four out of ten women in the Philippines use skin whitening brands, along with other Asian countries like South Korea, Malaysia, ...
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