Baler: the Beauty Behind Waves


Considered as the business center of Aurora, Baler houses more than 34,000 residents. Known as a haven to surfing enthusiasts, the place does not only boast its waves that reaches up to nine feet but Baler has so many tourist attractions that travelers will certainly hate to miss out. Aside from the Aurora Cup that happens every February, there are other events and places of interest for tourists that may be visited all year round.

Animo IsletComprised of two islands, the Animo Islet is located near Dimadimalangat Islet. One of the two islands is smaller but both appear like bullets. The islets are filled with trees and different kinds of shrubs. The area is recommended for people who love to take pictures and would like to enjoy nature’s amazing beauty.

Dimadimalangat IsletSituated in Barangay Cemento, Dimadimalangat Islet is one of the tourist spots in Baler that will surely wow vacationers. The island prides itself from the wonderful rock formations which look more fascinating during low tide. This place is a good spot for eager divers because of the reefs that are worth seeing.

Dimadimalangat Islet (Photo Courtesy: @superbiancac on Instagram)


Lt. Commander James Gilmore MarkerLt. Commander James Gilmore Marker is found a few walks away from Baler Catholic Church. This marker was built to commemorate the US Gunboat Yorktown commander Lt. James Gilmore. Tourists may want to take their photos on the marker because this is a historical landmark in Baler.

Baler ChurchIt was built in 1611 in Sabang, Baler, Aurora. It played a big role in Philippine history because it became the Siege of Baler’s site. The initial structure of Baler Catholic Church was ruined during World War II when the province of Aurora was reached by the Japanese forces and the Philippines Commonwealth troops in 1945. This historical landmark has been renovated but it maintained its simplicity and elegance.

Baler Church (Photo Courtesy: Alex Pelarta @lxmnl on Instagram)


Published on : 21/03/2018 by Puerto Parrot

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