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Squid from the shore

Nokus on Minnow Lure

I was able to get in a couple casts while on vacation with family at a resort in Cebu.  This Green Eyed Squid aggressively chased and snatched my little Yo Zuri Pins minnow.  To my surprise I was able to hook it and bring in my first Squid on a lure  I found that to get successful hook-up with a Squid you need to wait a second or two after the cuttlefish strikes before reeling in.  That second wait allows the cuttlefish time to pull the lure in close to its beak which gives you a better chance for a positive hook-up if you are using simple treble hooks.

Squid in Tagalog is Pusit and in Bisaya it is known as Nokus.

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Threespot Squirrelfish ( Sargocentron cornutum )


Squirrelfish caught night fishing on shrimp


Common Name:  Squirrelfish

Local Name:  Sigang Batohan, Ganteng (Tagalog); Ganting, Baga, Baga-baga (Cebuano)

Max Size:  27cm

Biodiversity: Marine, Reef Associated, Brackish

Depth: 1 – 40 m

Fishing Season:  All Year Long

Minimum Size Limit:  None

Recommended Bait/Lures:  Shrimp, crabs, other small crustaceans

These small fish are known for hiding most of the day under rocks and edges and coming out at night to feed on small crustaceans.  They are easiest to catch at night and provide a good little fight.  They make a fair food fish and are said to taste delicious here in Cebu when cooked as Inun-unan.  These little guys are armed with venomous spines so care must be taken when removing them from your hooks.  I came across the fish in the picture above while night fishing from a seawall here in Cebu.  We were using small shrimp for bait.

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Black Surgeonfish ( Acanthurus gahhm )


This is one of the many species of surgeonfish present in Philippine waters.  These fish have small mouths and are quite difficult to catch.  This fish was caught in Cebu on some boiled Saba (cooking banana) as bait.  In Tagalog this fish is called Labahita.

Published on : 22/05/2017 by Puerto Parrot

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