Guimaras – the Home of Sweet Mangoes


Guimaras is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the Philippines not just because of the sweet mangoes that it offers but also because of its numerous pristine beaches and refreshing waterfalls. If you want to travel to Guimaras, here are the things that you must look forward to.

Sweet mangoesGuimaras is known as the home of sweet mangoes. When you get to Guimaras, make sure to taste the different delicacies in the province that are made of mangoes which are all carefully picked by the locals.

Sweet Mangoes of Guimaras (Photo Courtesy: @bhebz0729 on Instagram)


Higante CaveIf you want to be amazed through nature-tripping, one place in Guimaras that you should visit is the Higante Cave. It is privately owned but the owners decided to open the area to the public. The cave has so many stalactites and stalagmites so if you are fond of cave hopping, check out the Higante Cave.

Beach hoppingIf you are looking forward to a good swim and try out water activities, there are so many beaches in Guimaras that you may visit such as Guevara Beach and Natagong Beach in Sinapsapan, Punta Tando Beach in Tando, Guiwad and Guisi Beach in Dolores, Mabalud Beach in Igang, and Rumagangrang Beach in Cabalagnan.

Balaan Bukid ShrineThis structure is located in Hoskyn. The Balaan Bukid Shrine takes pride on its chapel that is built on the mountain top. You will not only enjoy the beauty of the church but also, you will enjoy the amazing view of Iloilo City.

The Southern OrchardCan’t get enough of the sweet mangoes in Guimaras? Then you should visit the Southern Orchard in Ravina. It is one of the largest mango plantations in the province with a land area of 220 hectares. Getting there is easy because jeepneys in Jordan Wharf can take you there in 10 minutes.

Published on : 21/03/2018 by Puerto Parrot

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