Isnag Language

Isnag language

Isnag (also called Isneg) is a language spoken by around 40,000 Isnag people of Apayao Province in the Cordillera Administrative Region in the northern Philippines. Around 85% of Isnag are capable of reading the Isnag language.[citation needed] Many Isnag speakers also speak Ilocano.


Ethnologue lists the following dialects of Isnag.

  • Bayag
  • Dibagat-Kabugao
  • Calanasan
  • Karagawan (Daragawan)
  • Talifugu-Ripang (Tawini)

Alternate names for Isnag include Apayao, Dibagat-Kabugao-Isneg, Isneg, and Maragat (Ethnologue).

Isnag is spoken in the northern two thirds of Apayao Province, Cagayan Province (Claveria and Santa Praxedes municipalities), Abra Province, and Ilocos Norte Province, and scattered areas along the Apayao western border (Ethnologue).

The closely related Adasen (Addasen, Addasen Tinguian, Itneg Adasen) language, which consists of western and eastern dialects, is spoken in northeastern Abra Province and into western Apayao Province. There are 4,000 speakers (Ethnologue).


Isnag is also one of the Philippine languages which is excluded from [ɾ]-[d] allophone.

Language sample

  • Isnag: Mahi indo' tada ngamin ta ngamin tada ay magwawwáhi, ta ya pahin indo' kiya isa tulay ay maggayát ke Dios. --1 Juan 4:7
    • Approximate English Translation: Friends, let us love each other, because love comes from God. --1 John 4:7
  • Isnag: Day-dayáwan tada nge Dios, nga Dios se Ama naya Apu tada nga Jesu-Cristo. --1 Pedro 1:3
    • Approximate English Translation: Praise God, the God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ. --1 Peter 1:3

Historical sound changes

The Proto-Malayo-Polynesian schwa ə has merged to /a/ such as *qatəp > atap (roof) similar to Kapampangan, atip in Tagalog and atup in Visayan.

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