Kabog Ka Dito: How to Make Budbud Kabug
Budbud sa Kabug; photo from Catmonan Sab Ako

The recipe can make an estimated of 100 servings of budbud kabug (or budbud kabog). Total preparation and cooking time is 3 hours.

Note: When making the budbud malagkit/Tanjay version, use glutinous rice instead of millet. Then for budbud Tanjay, you have to boil the budbud instead of steaming it.


  • 3 grated mature coconuts
  • warm water for extracting
  • water for washing millet and for steaming
  • 2 cups millet (if you’re making budbud Tanjay/malagkit, use glutinous rice)
  • banana leaves for wrapping
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 2 teaspoons salt


Preparing the ingredients of budbud

Grate 2 mature coconuts to get the meat. Add 2 cups of warm water to the meat. Extract it manually and pass through a piece of cheesecloth. After the first extraction, add another 2 cups of warm water to the grated coconut meat and extract again.

Repeat the process until you get 6 cups or more of coconut milk. You can mix the first and second pressings together but set the third pressing aside in case you’ll need it in the latter part of the cooking.

Wash the millet in 2 changes of water. Drain and set aside. If using fresh banana leaves, cut off mid ribs and run each half of the leaf over fire to wilt it making it pliable for wrapping. Tear leaves into 6 inches in width until you have about 100 pieces. Do not use leaves which have tears in the center. Set these aside and cut them into strips for tying up the budbud in pairs.

Using coconut meat from where you extracted the milk, wipe each piece of banana leaf so that the leaf wrapper is clean and oiled.


Cooking stage

Add salt to 6 cups of coconut milk and bring to boil, stir occasionally. This process will thicken the milk.

Once it starts to slow boil, add the washed millet. Continuously stir until the millet starts to cook and making sure that the mixture doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pan to for a crust. The indication when it has come to boil is when you see small bubbles of steam coming out from the mixture.

Add sugar and salt, mix well.

The color will become dark yellow. For about 30 more minutes, continue stirring until cooked.

Set aside for wrapping.

Final cooking stage and wrapping

Put a heaping tablespoon of the cooked millet onto the center of a cut piece of wilted banana leaf prepared earlier.

Gently form the millet into a 5-inch log with a diameter of 1-inch. You can do this by rolling the mixture in the banana leaf without having to touch it. Tighten the roll after it form into shape, fold one end and then the other. Repeat for the rest of the millet.

Put 2 pieces of suman together with the flaps facing each other. Tie both ends with the cut-up leaf string. Repeat with the remaining pieces.

Place all paired suman in a steamer with enough water to steam for an hour. You’ll know when it’s ready when the color of the leaf changes from light to dark green. Minimum is 1-hour of steaming.

Serve. Traditional way of eating budbud is to match it with ripe mango and a cup of hot chocolate. Enjoy!