Legends of Mount Makiling


Mount Maliking

Legends of Mount Makiling

The slopes of Mount Makiling are shaped to resemble a woman reclining, hence the air of mysticism that surrounds the mountain. Folklore about the beautiful siren and guardian of the forest, Maria Makiling had been told to generations. She was a fantastic creature, half nymph and half sylph.

According to one of the notable stories, Maria Makiling is a mystical-enchanted woman who lived in the woods at the foot of Mount Makiling. She was a young and beautiful woman with a kind and compassionate heart especially to the folks.

She shares everything she has for free such as fishes in the lake, fruits, crops and food. She is very approachable that the people can reach her anytime on whatever they need. 

One afternoon, a hunter came across her kingdom and saw her. He fell in love with Maria Makiling and she too felt the same way for him. They talked everyday and promised to love each other forever. Until the day came that Maria waited for him but he never returned and she later found out that the hunter married a real woman.

She was frustrated and deeply hurt that forgiveness was difficult for her to give.

She then realized that she cannot trust the townsfolk because she was different from them and that they are just using her for their needs. Later on, the kindness in her heart turned into anger that she refused to give fruits and animals and fishes are vanishing. People seldom saw her that only during pale moonlight nights that they would sometime saw her.

Another story is about Maria Makiling and her three suitors battling for her love. One of her suitors, a Spanish soldier, another is a Spanish-Filipino mestizo and the last one is a Filipino farmer named Juan.

Juan won the love of Maria Makiling and the other two suitors could not accept their defeat that they’ve plotted to kill Juan.A fire broke down on the fort which they blamed against the Filipinos including Juan.

They shot him as a punishment and before dying Juan shouted Maria’s name. Maria heard Juan that she went down from the mountain and cursed them for not accepting defeat. She went back into the mountains and no one has seen her again.

The Spanish soldier died in a revolution while the Spanish-Filipino mestizo died of illness. Now, when somebody gets lost in the mountain, people often attribute it to the curse of Maria Makiling.

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