Lighthouses in the Philippines

Lighthouses in the Philippines

The Philippine Archipelago

Eleven of the largest islands of the archipelago are the major islands and main centers of population, with ten of its most populous cities located along the coast. Approximately 1,000 of the smaller islands are also populated. With more than 5,000 nautical miles (9,300 km) of coasting routes and tortuous channels regularly navigated by vessels trading among some 300 separate ports, navigation aids like lighthouses help mariners against misnavigation and guide them to safety and out of danger from grounding on its treacherous reef and shoals.[2]With the Philippine Archipelago comprising over 7,100 islands packed in an area of 300,000 km2 (120,000 sq mi), the country has the fifth-longest coastline in the world. The Philippine coast has a total length of 36,289 km (22,549 mi) and is very irregular, with numerous bays, gulfs, and islets.

Large international ships rely on lighthouses to guide them safely out from the open sea and into Philippine waters. Once within Philippine waters, lighthouses help them maneuver through its narrow straits and channels, pointing out safe passages and leading vessels to their destination ports. Regardless of the advancement in technology and the use of satellite-guided positioning devices, mariners still rely on these light stations as visual confirmations of their electronic readings.

As an archipelago, the future and progress of the islands has and will always depend on maritime travel. Even with the advent of aviation, the water routes continue to be the main highways for travel and commerce, with the lighthouses of the Philippines safely guiding the vessels that ply its routes.

List of lighthouses in the Philippines

The following is a list of historical and notable lighthouses constructed in the Philippines.

LighthouseLocationProvince/CityDate First LitTower heightin ft (m)Focal planein ft (m)Current StatusCurrent Condition/ Description
Apo Reef SablayanOccidental Mindoro1906118 ft (36.0 m)134 ft (40.8 m)NonextantReplaced with a new modern white tower.
Apo Reef SablayanOccidental Mindoro1990s110 ft (33.5 m)115 ft (35.0 m)ActiveGood
Bagacay Point LiloanCebu187421 ft (6.4 m)46 ft (14 m)In ruinsPartly in ruins but it is the oldest existing lighthouse tower in the Philippines.
Bagacay Point LiloanCebu190572 ft (21.9 m)146 ft (44.5 m)ActiveOriginal lamp and lantern room were recently replaced.
Bagatao IslandMagallanesSorsogon190429 ft (8.8 m)135 ft (41.1 m)ActiveOriginal lamp was replaced with a solar-powered modern lamp.
Baliguian Island LightBaliguian IslandIloilo191666 ft (8.8 m)75 ft (41.1 m)ActiveUnknown, as Baliguian was heavily damaged by Typhoon Haiyan.
BascoNaidi Hills, BascoBatanes200366 ft (20.1 m)n/aActiveGood
Batag IslandLaoangNorthern Samar1907101 ft (30.8 m)313 ft (95.4 m)In ruinsA white 66 ft (20 m) cylindrical tower was erected close to the old one. The lantern and light in the old tower is gone.
Bugui PointAroroyMasbate190249 ft (14.9 m)218 ft (66.4 m)InactiveA modern white tower was erected close to the old one. The old tower and keeper's house are in poor condition.
Caballo IslandCaballo IslandCavite185311 ft (3.4 m)96 ft (29.3 m)UnknownThe light station was probably destroyed during WWII.
Cabra IslandLubangOccidental Mindoro188967 ft (20.4 m)216 ft (65.8 m)InactiveA modern white tower was erected close to the old one The old tower and keeper's house are in poor condition.
Cape BojeadorBurgosIlocos Norte189266 ft (20.1 m)386 ft (117.7 m)ActiveOriginal lamp was replaced after it was damaged by the 1990 earthquake.
Cape BolinaoBolinaoPangasinan1906101 ft (30.8 m)294 ft (89.6 m)ActiveOriginal lamp and lantern room were replaced.
Cape EngañoPalaui Island,Santa AnaCagayan189247 ft (14.3 m)316 ft (96.3 m)ActiveOriginal lantern room is missing and the buildings are in ruins.
Cape MelvilleBalabac IslandPalawan189290 ft (27.4 m)297 ft (90.5 m)ActiveThe tower still retains its original First-order lens and mechanisms.
Cape SantiagoCalataganBatangas189051 ft (15.5 m)89 ft (27.1 m)ActiveOriginal lamp and lantern room were replaced.
Capitancillo IslandBogo CityCebu190583 ft (25.3 m)98 ft (29.9 m)ReplacedOld tower was replaced with a new white tower and the dwellings are in ruins.
Capones IslandSan AntonioZambales189065 ft (19.8 m)230 ft (70.1 m)ActiveOriginal lamp and lantern room were replaced. Tower is in good condition, keeper's house is deteriorating.
Capul IslandCapulNorthern Samar189639 ft (11.9 m)142 ft (43.3 m)ActiveThe tower were recently renovated and the original lamp and lantern were replaced.
Corregidor IslandCorregidor IslandCavite185342 ft (12.8 m)630 ft (192.0 m)ReplacedDamaged by the bombings of World War II.
Corregidor IslandCorregidor IslandCavite195048 ft (14.6 m)633 ft (192.9 m)ActiveGood
Jintotolo IslandBaludMasbate190351 ft (15.5 m)187 ft (57.0 m)ActiveOnly the tower is in good condition, the original light and lantern were replaced.
Linao PointAparriCagayan189630 ft (9.1 m)37 ft (11.3 m)In ruinsThe station was destroyed during a storm, and some of the ruins remain on the beach.
Lusaran PointGuisi Point LighthouseNueva ValenciaGuimaras189438 ft (11.6 m)111 ft (33.8 m)ReplacedThe original lamp and lantern is gone, the iron tower is all rust and the surrounding buildings in ruins.
Malabrigo PointLoboBatangas189656 ft (17.1 m)184 ft (56.1 m)ActiveOriginal lamp and lantern were replaced.
Maniguin IslandCulasiAntique190697 ft (29.6 m)191 ft (58.2 m)InactiveReplaced with a nearby white tower; Date is not available.
Pasig River LightBinondoManila184649 ft (14.9 m)52 ft (15.8 m)DemolishedDemolished and replaced in 1992.
Pasig River LightBinondoManila199246 ft (14.0 m)43 ft (13.1 m)ActiveGood
San Bernardino IslandBulusanSorsogon189639 ft (11.9 m)136 ft (41.5 m)ActiveOriginal lamp and lantern were replaced and when tower was renovated. Other buildings are in disrepair.
San Nicholas Shoals Light RosarioCavite187930 ft (9.1 m)30 ft (9.1 m)ReplacedDestroyed by a typhoon in 1881
Sibago IslandTuburanBasilan191575 ft (22.9 m)705 ft (214.9 m)ActiveGalvanized metal tower. Deactivated on Oct. 31, 2001
Siete PecadosBuenavistaGuimaras188421 ft (6.4 m)89 ft (27.1 m)ActiveA new tower was erected next to the old one. Original structure is still maintained.
Tanguingui IslandBantayanCebu1903113 ft (34.4 m)128 ft (39.0 m)ReplacedThe original black steel tower was replaced with a new white tower. Dwellings are in ruins.


  • Pasig River Light, 1846

  • Corregidor Island Lighthouse, 1853

  • Cabra Island Lighthouse, 1889

  • Cape Bojeador Lighthouse, 1892

  • Cape Melville Lighthouse, 1892

  • Cape Engaño Lighthouse, 1893

  • Malabrigo Point Lighthouse, 1895

  • Linao Point Lighthouse, 1896

  • Capul Island Lighthouse, 1896

  • Bagacay Point Lighthouse, 1905

  • Apo Reef Light, 1906

  • Maniguin Island Lighthouse, 1906

  • Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, 1906

  • Corregidor Island Lighthouse, 1950s

  • Basco Lighthouse, 2003

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