Mimbalot Falls of Brgy. Buru-Un, Iligan City

Mimbalot Falls of Brgy. Buru-un, Iligan City
Geejay Gelogo 

Iligan City is well-known for its falls as this city homes to no less than 30 waterfalls. Some of the famous waterfalls of Iligan are Tinago Falls and Maria Christina Falls (which I always came across on my elementary and high school textbooks). Moreover, this blog post will feature Mimbalot Falls.

Another waterfall in Iligan with undeniably beautiful cascading water.Our visit to Mimbalot Falls was actually unexpected and unplanned. Our group should be visiting Maria Christina Falls and Tinago Falls but due to landslide because of Typhoon Agaton, we were unable to visit those iconic falls.

So we ask our driver of that tour an alternative as we do not want to leave the city of Iligan without visiting any of its falls. Then he mentioned Mimbalot Falls. Though we don't have an idea what Mimbalot Falls looks like, we all agreed to his suggestion.How to get there?From the city proper, you can ride a jeep with a "Buru-un" signboard.

If you are near the NPC Park, the area of Mimbalot Falls is just 15 minutes away and the fare is 10 pesos per pax. Inform the driver to drop you off at Miguel Canohoy Memorial School. Then from the school you can just walk going to Mimbalot Falls. There are locals living along the way to Mimbalot Falls.

Locals here are very approachable so you can ask for directions going to the falls. When you reach the welcoming sign of "Iligan City School of Fisheries", just continue walking on the left. After 10 minutes of another walk, you'll be able to hear the strong sound of falling and running water. Yes! You're now in Mimbalot Falls!

Shot at one of the viewing deck of Mimbalot Falls

After being stopped by landslide with our supposedly trip to Maria Christina and Tinago Falls, seeing Mimbalot Falls that day brought us happiness and charge our spirit up! Mimbalot Falls is covered with trees and plants from its foot until on its top. It stands at 90 feet and cascades into a series of drops because of its water path has lots of large rock that divides the water in rivulets.

How I wish it was a fair day during our visit because I found Mimbalot Falls photogenic. Unfortunately, it was raining had that day and its too risky exposing my camera out in there. But I did tried taking photos to have something to post in here.Aside from taking photographs and dipping into the water, visitors can also enjoy zip lining and trekking as Mimbalot Falls is part of a Paradise Resort and Eco Park.

The Eco park is located on top of Mimbalot Falls so you have to trek up to be able to reach it. Take an extra caution when trekking up as the steps are quite slippery. Don't worry as it will only take10-15 minutes of trekking to reach the Eco park.

Way going to the Eco Park

Upon reaching the Eco park, the environment has changed. It is already developed as I saw cottages and different rides above Mimbalot Falls. Some of the rides were zip lines, cable cart, hanging bridge walk, trampoline (on the edge of a cliff) and a swing (swings its passenger to the cliff back to the edge). I also heard they also offer horse back riding, ATVs and dirt biking.

Cable Cart trip that will cross along Mimbalot Falls

This activity will swing you back and forth to an edge of a cliff

Try walking across this hanging bridge

Right away, our group did tried their zip line. The unique thing of zip lining at the Eco park is you've got to see the full view of Mimbalot Falls as this line will cross you from it. Yes, we were on top of Mimbalot Falls. I couldn't hold myself to be amazed on its beauty and all that surrounds it. It is really a must try guys! 

Aside from that, you also have a choice if you want to do it alone or with a partner. If there is something I regret that day, it was the thought that I should have brought my camera with me during my turn on the zip line. Zip lining here will gives you the perfect angle and view of the waterfalls. Ugh! I should have find a plastic to cover my camera from that rain!

Yap and Baron enjoying the ride

Note: If you have lots of spare time, you can also do river trekking at from Tinago Falls going to Mimbalot Falls. Yes, this two falls are connected to one another. Just make sure you have dry bags or any waterproof bags as you'll be expected to get wet during this trek.Though the rain didn't stop that day, we still did enjoy our trip to Iligan... to Mimbalot Falls. This unexpected trip really brought us unexpected happiness!!!

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