Pinoy's Top 5 Favorite Exotic Foods That Will Make You Crave and Wave

Pinoy's Top 5 favorite Exotic Foods that will make you Crave and Wave

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No wonder why Philippines is one of the most favourite tourist attraction in the world even though Ph is a small country compared to others. Aside from different tourist's spot attractions here in the Philippines, many foreigners still came to visit and eat some famous Philippine cuisine. tho a lot of countries has their own specialties on their original food recipes, still streetfoods and exotic edibles are on the highest demand. With affordable price and awesomeness, extraordinary taste and weirdness conquers the filipino's very own bizarre foods.

Here is the top 10 list of peculiar exotic foods you should not miss:


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balut is a developing duck embryo that is boiled alive and eaten in it's shell. In the Philippines, balut is often served with salt and chili. All parts of the egg can be eaten, except the shell and the white one , depending on it's age of fertilizing. the white one maybe hard to chew and have an unappetizing cartilaginous toughness. though balut is not pleasing to eat after you cracked it's egg shell, still it contains a lot of nutrients. A serving of balut contain 188 calories, including 14 grams each of protein and fat, 2 milligrams of iron and 116 milligrams of calcium.


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If at first you think it's gross to eat like you see chickens scratching their feets all over a dirty ground; well, once you've tried it i guarantee that every single penny in your wallet will be vanished by buying this cool pinoy exotic food. Chicken feet has many uses in filipino recipes, it can be the main dish in adobo in exchange of pork or meat. Chicken feet. what more ? research by the Department of Animal Science of National Chung-Hsing University in Taiwan had shown that chicken feet contained a lot of collagen, which is the main ingredient for a younger looking skin. Collagen can simply be described as a protein that acts as glue that 'holds our body together'. The benefits are not only for the skin, but also for the heart and can even improve athletic performance and body endurance.


Kamaru ( mole crickets ) mostly found on rice fields , an insects that Filipinos tripped to eat, although it was gross to think of chewin ' it , as this cool exotic food spilled it's juice in your mouth and tounge you will find it's delicious secret part. kamaru is a little bit spicy and crunchy that removes your negative thoughts off to this food. Besides, Kamaru is also good for exotic food lovers because it contains vitamin B and a lot of protein.


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Pinikpikan is a dish from the mountains of Cordillera region in the Philippines, Pinikpikan is an exotic way of serving chicken, it's way is beating a chicken through smashing a chicken to it's death. Pinikpikan's name came from it's own way of making (pikpik 'hampas')  The chicken's blood was spilled althroughout it's body which is said to improve it's flavour after cooking. Some says it's not exotic because it's just a way of making another recipe of cooking a chicken, but the way it was cooked and the way it was served, you will surprisingly know how exotic it is.


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Famously known as 'binurong karne ng baboy' in Tagalog; ETAG, (salted pork) Etag is smoked pork neck or chop, cured in salt. Some preparations use garlic and pepper. Etag is often served cooked with vegetables or beans. Some locals deep fry etag and dip it in hot sauce or vinegar. Etag became popular and listed as one of the best exotic food because of it's one of a kind taste specially when it was partnered by beers and other alcohol.

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