Secret Beauty of Matinloc Island

Secret Beauty of Matinloc Island

Photo by Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap
For many travelers of El Nido, one of the major ternaries is the Matinloc Island – a long stretch of white sand beaches that is home to the famous Secret Beach. It is surrounded by towering gray cliffs in the middle of the white beach on one edge of the island.

Matinloc Island’s Secret Beach

Photo by Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap

Secret Beach is a hidden paradise in Matinloc Island and only accessible through a narrow crevice. Before you get into this paradise, you have to swim underwater through an opening in the limestone, till you break through the water and find a strip of white sand bordering a hidden cove.


Photo by Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap

Actually, it is one of the greatest adventures that one could have because the hole in the wall is the one and only entrance to the Secret Beach. I suggest you find a tour guide if you’re planning to go to the Secret Beach. You must be fully equipped with goggles, flippers, a snorkel, and a life vest before you swim through the cave. I will remind again that you hire an experienced tour guide before you go to the Secret Beach. Don’t ever forget to bring underwater cameras!

Secret Beach is the place that inspired author Alex Garland to write his novel The Beach when he stayed in El Nido.

How to get to El Nido

Chartered planes fly directly to El Nido and take a little more than an hour. Most local major airlines have daily flights to the provincial of Puerto Princesa, and then travel over land by bus or van. Ferry lines from Manila and other major ports to El Nido.

Published on : 10/03/2018 by Puerto Parrot

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