This Limited Edition Rum May Be the Perfect Gift for Your Drinking Buddies

This limitedion rum may be the perfect gift for your drinking buddies

Don Papa’s Limited Edition Sherry Cask Finish is blended from 4 different sherry casks

LIMITED EDITION. Don Papa's Sherry Cask finish is the latest addition to the local brand's collection. Photo courtesy of of Don Papa Rum

LIMITED EDITION. Don Papa's Sherry Cask finish is the latest addition to the local brand's collection. Photo courtesy of of Don Papa Rum

MANILA, Philippines – The -ber months have begun, and in the Philippines, we all know what this means: the longest Christmas season in the world is now underway.

At this point, it’s not impractical to start checking off people on your gift list – and, particularly for those who enjoy a glass of good liquor at the end of the day, the Don Papa Rum Limited Edition Sherry Cask Finish presents itself as a viable option.


Though of course, as in most gifts, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. The new rum is dark and velvety, and the hints of chocolate and fig, make it particularly holiday-worthy. The flavor alone makes the rum especially alluring, even more so when one learns of its journey from the cask to the bottle.

The story of this rum begins in Negros’ Mt. Kanlaon, where the sugarcane grows rich and sweet because of the volcanic soil and tropical humidity. The sugarcane is then crushed and turned into that which locals call “black gold” – molasses – which is then distilled into rum.

But the journey of the liquor doesn’t stop there – it is aged for four years in American Oak ex-bourbon casks, and then spends another 18 months divided in 4 different Sherry casks: fino, pedro ximenez, cream, and palo cortado.

The rum then comes together again for the limitedion blend that they call the Sherry Cask Finish.

And for those who are wondering what kind of buzz this rum will bring – it clocks in at 45% ABV. 

The rum’s Mt. Kanlaon origins, and the time it spends in both American oak barrels and Spanish-origin sherry casks is almost like the story of our own Philippine history – and that’s another interesting thing you can make note of if you do find yourself giving this wine to your alcohol-enthusiast friends – or open a bottle for yourself.

The Sherry Cask Finish is produced in limited quantities and, is locally available in select retail outlets, hotels, and bars. –

Published on : 02/09/2018 by Puerto Parrot

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