Would You Eat a Monkey's Tail in Davao del Norte?

When it comes to merienda, banana is a popular choice among Pinoys. I think we’ve come up with different ways on how to prepare a snack with banana as the main ingredient: turon, banana cue, dried banana chips, saba con yelo to name a few. 

The Philippines is the second largest exporter of banana in the world, next to India. The country has produced 9 million metric tons of bananas in a year.

Banana production started in the 60s in Davao del Norte and has become abundant in the Davao Region. It is no wonder why Banana Beach in Tagum City has come up with a cold and sweet treat using the fruit—the Monkey’s Tail. 



It is said that bananas have zero fats and are rich in potassium, vitamin B6, dietary fibers, and manganese. In Filipino, a piece of banana is called “sipi” (finger) while a bunch of bananas is called “bulig” (hand). 

Here's how to prepare the Monkey's Tail: 

Banana fingers are peeled, individually wrapped in plastic, and then placed in the chiller for an hour.When the fingers are cold, skewer on bbq bamboo sticks then dip on melted chocolate then top with sprinkles.You can also have the other fingers dipped in peanut butter then sprinkled with peanut.After dipping, keep it upright by poking it into banana stalks or styro then refrigerate before serving.It is important that it is served and eaten cold or else, it will melt.

Can’t get enough of this mouthwatering banana snacks? Try a restaurant in Davao City that serves all you favorite banana delights!