5 Fish Breeds for Beginning Fishkeepers

5 Fish Breeds For Beginning Fishkeepers

Robert Woods

If you are a beginner to the aquarium hobby this article might help you to find the best fish for you. From freshwater to saltwater fish, here are the best species for beginners, based on how hardy they are, the tank size and how easy they are to care for.

Robert Woods, educator and creator of Fishkeeping World shares his years of experience with us in the roundup of the top five fish for beginners.

All of these fish can be found around the Philippines, so if you want to create a fish tank based on our local area, these species are the ones to choose!

Zebra Danio

Zebra Danio (Photo by Bob Jenkins)

Zebra Danio (Photo by Bob Jenkins)

Danios are very popular tropical fish for beginners. They are small, active and very hardy fish which are perfect to keep in a group. They prefer the company of 5-6 specimens

They are known as Zebra Danios as the black white stripes running along their bodies look like those of a Zebra.  

They live up to 5 years and are very peaceful. Their diet is quite easy to follow and don’t require any additional water care.

They originate from the freshwaters of Bangladesh and India and are used to variable environment and water parameters.

They are quite easy to breed and will mesmerize you with their captivating behavior.

They have been found in the Pampanga River, the fourth longest river in the Philippines.


Rasbora (Photo by Pehem)

Rasbora (Photo by Pehem)

Rasboras come from South East Asia. They are peaceful tropical fish that inhabits tropical rivers.

They are hardy small fish that don’t require any particular equipment to thrive in your tank.

There are many types of Rasboras showing bright coloration and peculiar characters. They are shoaling fish that prefer the company of their own.

Easy to breed and easy to care for, Rasboras can be the perfect start for your new aquarium tank. Very popular as beginner fish, Rasboras will introduce you in this new trade with ease and success.

These fish have been found in the southern part of the Philippine Archipelago.

Fancy Guppy

Guppy (Photo by Marrabio2)

Guppy (Photo by Marrabio2)

Guppies are very small fish with large and vibrant tails. They are super active fish and their tail coloration can really strike out.

They are very good within the company of their own and within short time you will probably see baby guppies around the tank if you keep a mixture of males and females.

Many people choose just to keep a group of males because they are much more vibrant in color than females.

They are very hardy and versatile and don’t require any particular additional equipment, just the standard heater and filter.

Hardy small little fish, easy to care and to feed, they can be the perfect addition to your tank adding vibrant coloration and striking personalities.

They don’t have any particular environment requirements, they appreciate well planted tanks with plenty space to hide.

There are hundreds of Guppy breeders in the Philippines, many of them are in the Bulacan area.


Clownfish (Photo by Ritiks)

Clownfish (Photo by Ritiks)

If you are looking for a hardy saltwater fish, then clownfish is the fish for you. They are quite small and are not fussy eaters. However, they are very territorial.

You might also know them as Nemo, from the popular Disney animated film.

Clownfish are tropical fish found on coral reefs all over around the world. They are orange with white stripes and usually live in anemones.

They love hiding space and will need a few throughout the aquariums, and they prefer a varied diet.

Hopefully one of these fish will be ideal for your first tank!

There are plenty of clownfish surround the Philippines, in fact the Philippines seems to be a hot zone for a wide variety of clownfish types. 

Puntius Barbs

Puntius Barb (Photo by Brian Gratwicke)

Puntius Barb (Photo by Brian Gratwicke)

Puntius Barbs are small schooling fish that are commonly found around the lakes and rivers in southern Philippines. 

They are perfect fish for beginners. Easy to care, hardy and found in many different colors, these fish are the perfect addition to your tank.

Living up to 5 years, they will bring color and activity to your aquarium. These fish are used to tropical climate and a well planted environment.

Robert Woods

Robert Woods is an educator and creator of Fishkeeping World.

Published on : 01/08/2019 by Puerto Parrot

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