Why ‘Buongon’ is Davao City’s Signature Fruit

Davao City is known to be the ‘fruit basket of the Philippines’ and does not only take pride in its famous durian. Buongon or pomelo is now a big hit among Davaoeños and visitors of the city.   

Boxes and crates of pomelos can be seen on luggage carousel at domestic airports and ports of Davao City as it became a popular pasulubong. 

Data from the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS) Davao Region pegged pomelo (Citrus maxima) production at approximately 16,000 metric tons in 2008. 

The fruit can be eaten alone or can be an added ingredient to your salad. 

The price of price of pomelo ranges from PhP 80 to PhP 120 per kilo. The flesh of pomelo is either white or pink. The pomelo with pink flesh is more popular and available in the market. Here’s how to do it:


2 big ripe Pomelo (Suha)

2 tbps Kalamansi Juice

1 tbsp Vinegar (Preferably Cane Vinegar)

1 tbsp Patis

1 small Red Bell Pepper (sliced thinly and very small)

Salt, Sugar and powdered Pepper to taste

Peeled Shrimps

1 small Cucumber (julienne strips)

1 small Carrot (julienne strips)

¼ head cabbage (julienne strips)

Optional: Crushed Chicharon


Peel Pomelo and separate the pulp.  Set aside.In a bowl, mix the kalamansi juice, vinegar, patis, red bell pepper then add salt, sugar and powdered pepper to taste.Soak the pomelo, peeled shrimps, julienned cucumber, carrots and cabbage in the mixture for 5 minutes or until shrimps turn orange.Remove from the mixture.In a bowl, arrange the pomelo pulp and shrimps in the center and the cucumber, carrots and cabbage on the side.Optional: Top with crushed chicharon.