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We arrived at Tabuk City, Kalinga Province, shortly before midnight after a 12-hour drive from Manila with Fe, my friend, and our hardy driver, Roniel. Fe, an ethnomusicologist, was going to collect a few more chants as part of her lifelong work in music cultures. I was on my first excursion outside Manila on a Fulbright grant, to investigate the effects of globalization on indigenous weaving and craft cultures.
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Nestled in the middle of the Cordillera Mountains, Kalinga is a province in Cordillera Region rich in natural, historical, cultural, and even man-made attractions. It is surrounded by its neighboring provinces of Cagayan and Apayao in the north, Mt. Province in the south, and Abra in the west. Greater sections of Cagayan and Isabela are found on its eastern part.
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Dance was an integral element of Kalinga Lubuagan culture. In keeping with its warrior heritage, Takiling, represented a homecoming of successful kayaw or head-taking, done to avenge the death or evil done to a family member or relative. Mingols were honored by their female relatives with gift of lawi feather, bongon (beads), and colorful ba-ag (g-strings).
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They have a reputation for being “the strong people of the Cordilleras.” At the same time, Kalingas greatly value family and kinship; thus, the household, extended household of the kinship circle, and territorial region are significant units of Kalinga society. In the past, they gained leadership and respect through headhunting, along with other skills at which an individual excelled.
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The Philippines’ fierce Kalinga tribe has just one remaining ‘mambabatok’, or master tattoo artist: Whang Od, who is nearly 100 years old. A visit to her home in the Cordillera mountains is one of the most sought-after tattoo pilgrimages in the world. Read on for more about Whang Od, the Kalingas, and this fast-disappearing tradition of hand-tapped body art.
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“Kalinga” comes from the common noun “kalinga” which means “enemy,” “fighter,” or “headtaker” in the Ibanag and Gaddang languages. The inhabitants of Cagayan and Isabela considered the Kalinga as enemies since they conducted headtaking attacks on Ibanag and Gaddang territories. As such, the name is considered a misnomer since it has no geographic or ethnic basis. Yet the term has become the official ethnic name accepted even by the natives themselves.
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