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KJ Catequista suffers panic attacks whenever she receives text messages on her mobile phone from teachers of what could well be simple reminders to parents about their children’s missed deadlines. Often, it takes hours for Catequista, a mother of three, to finally open the group chat app with other parents, nervously scrolling down the names of students and silently praying that those of her children are not listed among those lagging behind.
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Published on 12/04/2021 by Puerto Parrot
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Billiards legend Efren “Bata” Reyes was allegedly apprehended for violating COVID-19 lockdown protocols when police caught him playing pool. Several videos that have been shared through social media show police and local barangay officials confiscating billiards equipment and apprehending Reyes, 66, who was seen playing without a mask.
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Published on 14/03/2021 by Puerto Parrot
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This Women’s Month let us celebrate this talented and amazing lady from Moalboal, Cebu who can take us into the deep blue via freediving and to the blossom of calm and tranquility through yoga. Christine Armie Marquez, 33, freediver and yoga instructor in Moalboal shows how beautiful life is, be it underwater and on land.
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Published on 13/03/2021 by Puerto Parrot
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Nimfa Lanzanas is a model mother. Eversince the government imprisoned her son Edward, she attended court proceedings and also joined relatives of other political prisoners in a common cause.

Exactly what crime Nanay Nimfa has committed, only the government knows. But on what is now infamously known as Bloody Sunday, the government had her arrested and turned Nanay Nimfa into a political prisoner herself.
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Published on 13/03/2021 by Puerto Parrot
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ohanne Siy is the head chef of Lolla in Singapore and a Female Chef of the Year nominee of World Gourmet Awards, Singapore.

Siy’s cuisine is eclectic, a reflection of herself as a Filipina who was educated in culinary school in New York, then wandered and cooked around Scandinavia. Now based in Singapore, Siy shines bright.

We wish you all the best!
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Published on 11/03/2021 by Puerto Parrot
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What were the top killer diseases? There was no update for the years 2019 and 2020 but in the year before that, the PSA reported that heart diseases, cancer and cerebrovascular diseases alone accounted for more than a third of those who died in 2018.

Based on our estimate, COVID-19 might explain only about 1.5 percent of total mortalities. Therefore, what is the big deal about the coronavirus? What is the urgency of getting effective, safe and available vaccines?
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Published on 11/03/2021 by Puerto Parrot
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Nearly a year since the lockdown has been imposed, a women’s research center said the number of economically-insecure Filipino women has climbed by 3.5 million, following the loss of jobs, absence of due social protection, and the continuing neoliberal policies that have long been detrimental to the poor even before the pandemic.
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Published on 02/03/2021 by Puerto Parrot
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The COVID-19 pandemic will make 2.7 million more Filipinos poor this year on top of a record slide in the Philippines’ gross domestic product (GDP) or economic output in what could be the worst outturn post-war, the World Bank said Tuesday.
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Published on 10/12/2020 by Puerto Parrot
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Dr Jean Lindo was on a ward round when a friend messaged to say her face was on a "wanted" poster plastered outside a local church. The flyer branded her and eight other Filipinos including a bishop and school director - all known for their humanitarian work - as "human rights violators" and "executioners".
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Published on 06/10/2020 by Puerto Parrot
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How strongly can a song impact a people’s spirit and will in the pursuit of its national aspirations? The right song inspires. It unites. It motivates people to persevere. For us Filipinos, the song “Bayan Ko” has become our unofficial second anthem, especially in times of national trials and turmoil.
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Published on 13/09/2020 by Puerto Parrot
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