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The Municipality of Bantayan, one of the three towns on Bantayan Island, has declared June 30 of every year as Bantayan Day. Bantayan Day is a state-centered special holiday that is separate from the religious feast days traditionally observed by the town for its patrons, Saints Peter and Paul, every June 28 and 29.
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Published on 30/06/2020 by Puerto Parrot
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Move over Darna, Captain Barbell and Dyesebel – no disrespect to your creator, the legendary Mars Ravelo. Here come Lampong, Pili, Inlablabbuut and others. The latter have come alive in a new comic book collaboration by young artists from the Cordilleras.
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Visual artist and poet Monica Ong has accomplished something special with her debut poetry collection, Silent Anatomies. With it, she creates a riveting connection, through a juxtaposition of diagram and diary, of family hierarchy, medical background and creative art. It is a unique interpretation of her own ancestral history and a way for her to reinforce a personal and familial identity.
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Published on 12/12/2018 by Papagei
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