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EBC Films’ “Guerrero Dos: Tuloy ang Laban (The Fight Continues)” bagged the Award of Excellence for Best Feature film at this year’s SoCal Film awards in the United States. This is the film’s first win in a foreign filmfest. It also came after “Guerrero Dos” became the Philippines’ official entry for Foreign Language Film at the 78th Golden Globe Awards. It also reached the official selection level at the 2020 Montreal Independent Film Festival in December last year.
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Published on 03/04/2021 by Puerto Parrot
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The Lapu-Lapu City government will implement changes in the upcoming reenactment of the Battle of Mactan, in line with the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Victory at Mactan. Cindi Chan, the chairperson of the City Tourism Cultural and Historical Affairs Commission (TCHAC), said that one of the major adjustments that they implemented is that part of the reenactment will no longer be held at the sea.
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Published on 24/03/2021 by Puerto Parrot
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This Women’s Month let us celebrate this talented and amazing lady from Moalboal, Cebu who can take us into the deep blue via freediving and to the blossom of calm and tranquility through yoga. Christine Armie Marquez, 33, freediver and yoga instructor in Moalboal shows how beautiful life is, be it underwater and on land.
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Published on 13/03/2021 by Puerto Parrot
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ohanne Siy is the head chef of Lolla in Singapore and a Female Chef of the Year nominee of World Gourmet Awards, Singapore.

Siy’s cuisine is eclectic, a reflection of herself as a Filipina who was educated in culinary school in New York, then wandered and cooked around Scandinavia. Now based in Singapore, Siy shines bright.

We wish you all the best!
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Published on 11/03/2021 by Puerto Parrot
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A Southeast Asian Musical Tradition is practiced by those who resisted Spanish and later American Colonial Rule, comprising roughly 10% of the Philippine population. These musical traditions relate to the social, political and economic life of the people, and are connected to their spiritual beliefs and their relationship to the natural environment.
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Published on 19/09/2020 by Puerto Parrot
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The Municipality of Bantayan, one of the three towns on Bantayan Island, has declared June 30 of every year as Bantayan Day. Bantayan Day is a state-centered special holiday that is separate from the religious feast days traditionally observed by the town for its patrons, Saints Peter and Paul, every June 28 and 29.
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Published on 30/06/2020 by Puerto Parrot
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