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University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman was the happy but complicated stomping ground that I shared with Jerry Barican and our charmed generation of the Sixties and Seventies. I am ever thankful that we became the best of friends before the First Quarter Storm of 1970, the ultimate game-changer which would cast a dark cloud of high expectations and thwarted dreams over so many of the best and brightest of our dearly beloved land.
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Art defines Maria Apelo Cruz Jonavonic of Los Angeles, and it has provided her endless and exciting opportunities. But what has kept her feet firmly on the ground is her strong Filipino heritage. Born in Toronto and raised in the Vancouver suburb of New Westminster, she speaks Tagalog fluently. Her upbringing was very Filipino because her family belonged to a close-knit community of Filipino immigrants to Canada in the late 1950s and early 1960s.
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The idea was to see the sun set on the bay. It’s a payday, Friday, and traffic, as we know it, would keep us stagnant in the car. The Waze app directed us to cramped niches of Manila that have become unrecognizable.
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Born of Chinese extraction, Chang and Eng became the toast of the capitals of the 19th century world. But they were also savvy enough to stockpile their earnings despite being used by their promoters. So successful had the twins become by 1839 that they ended up buying a 110-acre farm in Traphill, North Carolina, with slaves to boot to work the farm. Of course, this was in the day before H-1, H-2, guest worker or refugee visas. It was all so simple then.
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Etymologically, the Chinese New Year has dramatically evolved from numerous myths and traditions. Primarily, this colorful and glamorous occasion is being celebrated in Chinese territories like Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mauritius and the Philippines. Elsewhere, this very splendid and bewitching event is likewise famous in Chinatowns. Accordingly, it is further believed that the New Year of the Chinese is very much influential on a lunar year...
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Mindanao's island's natural beauty, it's cultural diversity, various ethnic festivals, a pristine stretch of white, unspoiled, sand beaches, many diving opportunities teeming with rich marine life, panoramic volcanoes, scenic lakes and rivers and hospitable people make this island one of Asia's favored holiday destinations, a perfect getaway for tourists and an ideal place for foreigners seeking retirement.
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Joe and Imi live in a house less than two meters long and two meters wide. Half their home is taken up by their bed. Walls are woven bamboo mats and there is a thatched palm leaf roof. Cooking is done outside over a fire and there are no real bathroom facilities. They do have electricity which powers their rusty ceiling fan and lone light bulb.
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